Jura Coffee

Jura Coffee

A Powerful Partnership with Long-Term Success

Jura Coffee has been a Redstage client since 2015 and has seen consistent upward growth throughout their eCommerce journey. Utilizing the Magento (Adobe Commerce) platform, the Coffee Machine manufacturer is continuing this growth trajectory through innovation, optimization, and the right agency by their side.

A Long-Standing Relationship


For the better part of a decade, Jura Coffee and Redstage have been building a partnership driven by results and backed by trust, forging a path to eCommerce growth and success that only a team with deep experience and knowledge in Magento (Adobe Commerce) & eCommerce can provide. After launching their Capresso brand together, Jura continues to see massive success through their eCommerce channels, to the tune of:

50% Revenue Growth in the past year, 65% increase in gross sales, consistent transaction volume and conversion rate growth year over year, and more!

Keep scrolling down to follow the journey from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and onto constant improvements on the underlying platform, Jura is becoming a leading pioneer in eCommerce innovation. 

So, how did they do it?…

A Magento Build and Migration





A New Site on a New Platform

Jura Coffee began their eCommerce journey by migrating the company’s original site, as well as their Capresso brand onto Magento 1 together. This transformation gave the Coffee Manufacturing juggernaut:

  • more freedom to scale
  • more customizability to give their customers a tailored experience
  • more flexibility with integrations and technologies
  • to really supercharge their DTC eCommerce arm.



Scaling with Magento 2

After seeing great success with their Magento 1 eCommerce operations, Jura re-enlisted Redstage to migrate their site from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This included migrating all their data and customers, giving the site a fresh, new, mobile responsive design and installing a wealth of new, custom features to give their customers unique experiences. Ensuring the site was stable, secure, and ready for a new look and feel, we launched in 2020 to more major growth and successes.

Results of the Magento 1 Build

One year post launch, Jura Coffee saw these results from their initial Magento 1 Build:


  • 124% Revenue Growth
  • $2.9M in Added Revenue
  • 25% Transaction Volume Growth
  • 13% AOV Growth



Results of the Magento 2 Migration

Since launching their newly designed and mobile-friendly Magento 2 site, Jura saw even more major growth than ever before:


  • 54% Revenue Growth
  • 57% Transaction Growth
  • 55% Mobile Traffic Growth
  • 44% Mobile Conversion Rate Growth

Post Magento 2





Jura LIVE is Jura Coffee’s live, virtual, 1-on-1 product demo booking service. Built in 2020, this web element won a Gold AVA Digital Award in the Custom Web Elements category, While unable to experience Jura products in person during the pandemic, Jura Coffee uses this system built directly into Magento to allow customers to experience their products online in a revolutionary new way.









Demo this interactive 3D model, just like the ones we implemented on Jura’s site.

Augmented Reality and 3D Modeling


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jura Coffee found it difficult to give customers the in-store experience at home. With JURA Live giving customers a way to get demos of machines at home, the Augmented Reality and 3D Model implementation allowed customers further freedom in experiencing Jura’s products online.


Being able to see the fit and shape of the machines at home, see dimensions and feature annotations, and move and open the various parts gives customers much more confidence in the products. Product confidence and experience were paramount to Jura Coffee, and this implementation has seen amazing results.



Help from our Friends at Signifyd!


Signifyd protects shopper journeys globally with technology that recognizes the identity and intent behind every payment, restoring trust between merchants and customers.

With our Guarantee Fraud Protection Solution, we are allowing Jura Coffee to fearlessly run their business knowing they have a partner in Signifyd that will help manage their fraud.


Approval Rate ~99.3%

Chargeback rate ~0.04%

Hear what the JURA team has to say!

Personalized service and 100% access to my PM gives me the peace of mind I am looking for. We were a small company that has grown substantially over the last decade, and a huge factor in our success has been the expansion of our DTC revenue through shopjura.com. Redstage has been there with us every step of the way.

Bradley Cooper

Sr. eCommerce Manager, Jura Inc.


Magento 1 Build


Post Magento 1 Build, Jura Coffee saw huge results from the beginning of their eCommerce journey:


  • 124% Revenue Growth
  • $2.9M in Added Revenue
  • 25% Transaction Volume Growth
  • 13% AOV Growth

Magento 2 Migration


Looking to scale, Jura migrated onto the Magento 2 platform. The new site saw huge growth:


  • 54% Revenue Growth
  • 57% Transaction Growth
  • 55% Mobile Traffic Growth
  • 44% Mobile Conversion Rate Growth

Post-M2 Optimizations


With constant additions to the site utilizing the Magento 2 platform, like AR, 3D Models, and more, Jura has seen:


  • 65% increase in gross sales for AR and 3D enabled product
  • 15% lift in Conversion Rate post-AR implementation
  • 21% boost in Transactions
  • 36% increase in Average Order Value

What’s Next

New Features, Optimizations, and More!

Jura Coffee is continuously pioneering new ways for customers to experience their products online. Stay tuned for more new features to enhance this experience, continuous optimizations and updates to the site, and more from the Jura team as we continue our eCommerce partnership. Check out more from their site here and follow them on social media to stay in the loop!



Modernizing B2B eCommerce on BigCommerce

In need of a more modern eCommerce system, Senproco enlisted Redstage to automate their manual systems and supercharge their eCommerce arm, bringing huge boosts to revenue and conversion rate! Learn more below.

Projects Objectives


One of the premiere names in animal grooming technology, Senproco wanted to modernize the way they interacted with their customer base, consisting primarily of animal grooming businesses. At the time, a majority of their sales were processed with manual input from their sales team. Senproco saw this as a scalable opportunity and wanted to automate the purchases of their machines, shampoos, and other materials.  


What did this transformation entail? A new and improved website design, an integration with a new ERP system, and a wealth of new, customer-centric B2B features to drastically enhance the usability and user experience for the company and its network of clients. 


See how we did it…


The Solution

Data Driven Design for B2B's

Redstage’s award-winning design team takes data and analytics into account for all their design decisions. The team helped Senproco redesign their site and used primary customer journey data to drive various decisions throughout, from where to place certain buttons, to the colors and layouts of various pages. The new site design has helped Senproco’s conversion rate skyrocket and helped reduce cart abandonment.

Business for the 21st Century

Senproco’s all-new B2B Order Portal allows their customers to purchase their necessary equipment and supplies without the need of a sales representative. The system is directly integrated with their new ERP, Syspro, which helps move data from sales to fulfillment and keeps track of all related analytics. This helps customers get through the buying process faster and easier, while saving the sales reps’ time, allowing them to focus on more strategic customers resulting in increased revenue and profitability.

Elite B2B features for B2B Customers

With niche B2B businesses, it’s essential to provide the customer experience buyers expect and need. With Senproco, Redstage implemented per-store budgets for buyers with multiple stores, where owners can establish minimum and maximum monthly budgets, with notifications when they exceed. The solution also established custom shipping options for large-sized shipments of equipment that need special handling and from various warehouses, allowing the buyer to see shipping costs and information.




With the new surge of orders, costs are also down as many manual processes are now automated and streamlined. Thanks to this and many other factors, net revenue is up 126% for Senproco when compared to the previous period.


With the new streamlined buying portal, Senproco’s buyers could now more quickly and easily buy the supplies and equipment they need. Thanks to this, the conversion rate on the site has increased by over 30% post-launch.


With all the new features and integrations, and the influx of new customers, the site’s speed had to stay consistent. In fact. Redstage helped improve site speed by 15%

What’s Next

Continuous Improvements and Optimizations


Wanting to stay ahead of the curve on eCommerce technology and features, Senproco plans on implementing additional advanced features & functionality. Some of the upcoming roadmap includes automating equipment subscriptions and leasing, automated address verification, Hubspot integrations, and much more. 


Redstage is continuing to support Senproco through an ongoing development and maintenance program. 

Sunshine Metals

Sunshine Metals

A Never-Before-Seen Way to Sell on BigCommerce

In a groundbreaking new way to utilize the BigCommerce platform, Redstage built Sunshine Metals a custom, never-before-seen way of selling custom products to consumers, and they couldn’t be happier.

Projects Objectives


Sunshine Metals was executing much of their business through over-the-phone ordering and managing through Excel Spreadsheets. The company came to Redstage with a desire to modernize, converting their current offline buyers to online customers.  


The goal? Making the ordering process easier and lowering costs.  


The roadblock? How to work with custom orders inside the BigCommerce platform, which do not have an inventory value assigned to them.  


 So, Redstage had to get a little creative… 



Creative Design

Our Award-winning Creative Design team took this opportunity to also give the website a fresh, new look and implement many quality changes. These small changes have an impact on conversion rate and cart abandonment, like icons, colors, fonts and more.

Creative, Custom Solutions for Seemingly Impossible Problems

Sunshine Metals ultimately needed a custom connection from the server-to-server cart to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, BTS-IT, to allow their customers to order custom cut pieces of metal through an online portal instead of over the phone. Our team of BigCommerce-certified technicians and B2B business experts engineered custom middleware that would provide the required functionality.

BundleB2B and Premium B2B features

Aside from the custom development, Redstage utilized BigCommerce’s extensive B2B features and app functionality to provide an all-around optimized B2B customer experience that businesses need. These include: 

  • Ability to get quotes for products immediately 

  • Gated pricing with logins, allowing quotes and custom pricing to be saved 

  • Acceptance of purchase orders 

  • Advanced shipping options from multiple warehouses with shipping quotes 



A Modernized Buying Process

Sunshine Metals’ new B2B buying portal allows customers to place order specifications into the portal and get real-time quotes for custom orders. This saves the end-user/buyer significant time and effort while allowing the sales staff to focus on strategic customers and bringing on new business.

Increased Sales and Fulfillment Efficiency

With a new entirely digital backend and fulfillment process, orders can not only be placed faster but fulfilled faster and with less friction, further saving costs when compared to their manual ordering and fulfilling process. 

What’s Next

Direct-To-Consumer Portal and Support 


Sunshine Metals’ current self-service B2B workflow works great for their business clients.  Next, they plan on providing this same custom ordering process directly to consumers. Moving to a direct-to-consumer model will vastly widen their customer base without overloading staff.  


Redstage will continue to support Sunshine Metals through an ongoing development and maintenance program.  

Guy Harvey – Intradeco

Guy Harvey – Intradeco

Digital Transformation Done Right

With a newly launched digital back-end admin system on Shopify’s robust B2B platform, Guy Harvey’s inventory and fulfillment processes are faster, more efficient, and more successful than ever before!

Projects Objectives

Guy Harvey needed help keeping track of all of their moving inventory between warehouses, as well as create a more user friendly portal for quickly placing large orders. Utilizing the extreme customizability allowed in Shopify, as well as their increased investment in the B2B uses and technologies of the platform, we helped them build a custom, frictionless home on the juggernaut eCommerce platform.


A New Way to Place Orders

Already living on an “Out of the Box” version of Shopify, Guy Harvey now has a cleaner and more efficient platform for placing orders. Their sales reps are already loving the new digital platform, making their lives much, much easier.

Creative Design

Built off one of Shopify’s many themes, Redstage customized the site as well designed a new logo, banners, fonts, and colors. We take conversion rate and customer experiences into account to ensure the most successful design.

Security and Maintenance

Like any Redstage client, Guy Harvey’s site has been secured to the maximum potential, ensuring no data breaches. We provide ongoing support to ensure maximum uptime and top-notch performance.

Custom Shopify Development

A custom Shopify app for backend processes, Guy Harvey’s team now has a much more organized view of inventory on-hand and in-transit, a previous pain point for them.

Custom Integrations

Needing to integrate their processes into the new site took some custom work, specifically their SAP ERP solution. Redstage mapped the necessary metafields and removed the need for manual spreadsheets entirely.


Boosted Sales and Productivity

From manual spreadsheets and email/phone orders, to a brand new digital B2B buying portal on Shopify. 100s of new orders already placed with easier and faster digital processes.

Increased Fulfillment Efficiency, Minimizing Errors

Going digital made it easier for the team to stay on top of order fulfillment and efficiency, limiting missed ship dates and double orders. Speeding up warehouse processes and raising their bottom line.

Improved Site Performance and Web Security

With increased web and transaction volume, we also had to ensure the site would perform as good, if not better, than before with new integrations and processes.

Hear what the Guy Harvey team has to say!

We have accounts that prefer to do orders on their own and this system is easy enough for them to do that. This platform is a huge advantage for the sales team and very easy to work with, utilizing the live photos of the items is great. Thanks so much Redstage. Super upgrade for the sales team!


Very nice upgrade overall. Kudos to Redstage and the team! This new system will save us a ton of manual labor hours both in the office and in the warehouse.Thanks!


What’s Next

More Digital Transformation and Support

Guy Harvey’s goal is to continue down the road of Digital Transformation, now focusing on a fully self-serving B2B buying portal for their customers. The team will continue to partner with Redstage long-term, ready to make improvements and optimizations further on their new platform.

Sea Bags

Sea Bags

eCommerce Growth Amid a New Landscape

Sea Bags migrated to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, improving site performance, conversion rates, traffic, and revenue growth within three months post-launch! 

Revenue and Transactions Growth

In the 3 months post-launch of Sea Bags’ new site, they were bringing in more traffic and in-turn saw an increase in revenue. Transactions are up 47% on the new site, and revenue is up 53%.




Increased Traffic and Conversion on Multiple Platforms

The new site, given a new mobile-responsive design, is seeing an increase in traffic on both mobile and desktop. 25% more new users visited the site post-launch, with 57% more transactions on mobile devices. Desktop conversion rate is up 16%, and mobile conversions are up 20%.

Increased Site Speed To Serve More Page Views

Sea Bags’ new site has seen significant growth in site performance as well, their pages are loading approximately 35% faster on Salesforce Commerce Cloud down to 2.5 seconds despite now seeing 31% more page views and sessions.

Selected Solutions

Magento Migration

Creative Design

Custom Integrations

Salesforce Development

Security & Maintenance

Project Objectives

Sea Bags had to scale their business onto a new eCommerce platform, and fast as the busy holiday season approached. We had to migrate Sea Bags off of Magento 2, and build them a new, modern, responsive home on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Magento 2 Migration

Sea Bags’ needed to switch to a platform that better suited their business needs. In order to have the site up in time for their busy holiday season, they needed to migrate all their product information, content, data, and extensions very quickly to a new platform that may not have immediately translatable cartridges to fill these gaps.


Creative Design

With a new platform comes an opportunity to give your new site and fresh and modernized look. Our award-winning creative team had the task of putting together a style guide that matched Sea Bags’ branding and identity and helping to give the merchant and stylish, innovative new design.

“Einstein AI”

A new Artificial Intelligence feature to Sea Bags’ site, the “Einstein” integration helps customers find recommended products depending on the page they were on, or what products were bought in the past, among other variables utilizing valuable customer data and insights only available on eCommerce platforms.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development

Sea Bags chose Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) as the home for their new site. They needed a platform that was lower maintenance, more user friendly, and could still fit their business needs in terms of scalability. Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides these, along with an extensive library of cartridges.

Custom Integrations

All of the integrations Sea Bags had come to need had to be ported to SFCC. On their previous Magento instance, they had extensions such as ShipStation’s custom shipping options, Cybersource Credit and PayPal processingTaxJar’s tax automation software, Bronto’s email marketing software and more. 


Successful Magento Migration to Salesforce

Seamlessly, our team was able to migrate all of Sea Bags’ product and customer data over to an entirely new platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud. While some of the previous extensions did not have Salesforce cartridges, like Bronto’s email marketing software and Sea Bags’ Data Feed integration, Redstage custom made new connectors and ensured Sea Bags still had all their previous features.


Innovative Site Design and Features

Our creative team gave Sea Bags a new, modern-looking website that exemplifies the brand’s values and identity while also delivering new features and experiences to their customer base. With their new “Einstein” AI recommendation engine, customers are recommended perfect upsell products, maximizing average order value and revenue, and giving them more reasons to come back.



Mobile Responsiveness and Increased Performance

Sea Bags’ new website is also performing much better on the new platform. We helped declutter the backend operations by reducing the number of integrations and automated many of their processes as well. This not only speeds up website load times but gives customers better experiences on desktop, tablet, and mobile, leading to more conversions and higher average order value on all mediums. 

Major Growth Post-Launch

Sea Bags is seeing major improvements to most metrics post-launch of the new Salesforce Commerce Cloud site. With new features and a new designalong with a better performing site, many new customers are finding their way to Sea Bags already

“Our volume grew more than expected last year, partially due to the pandemic and the sudden shift to online business. As a result, it was a fortuitous decision that we re-platformed when we did…I don’t think our site would’ve been able to handle the volume of the holidays without our re-platforming.” – Don Oakes, CEO at Sea Bags

  • 53% revenue growth
  • 47% transaction growth
  • 31% more site users
  • 32% faster page load time
  • 20% growth to mobile conversions
  • 57% more mobile transactions

“Redstage’s dedication to doing whatever they had to do to meet our Halloween launch deadline and be ready for the holidays more than anything exemplified their commitment to Sea Bags’ success. From getting more resources on the project to working side by side with Salesforce and the various partners who handled our cartridge implementations, and seeing challenges none of us could have anticipated, we could not have launched without Redstage.”

Don Oakes

CEO, Sea Bags

The Benefits of a Dedicated Partnership

Sea Bags’ new site significantly reduces administrative overhead and helps better leverage time and resources in other areas. The migration helped consolidate integrations, which in turn significantly increases site performance, as shown by page load times. 

  • 53% revenue growth
  • 47% transaction growth
  • 31% more site users
  • 32% faster page load time
  • 20% growth to mobile conversions
  • 57% more mobile transactions

         What’s Next?

Continuously Innovative and Scaling

Sea Bags is continuing to innovate with their customer experience by integrating new technical solutions continuously. Integrations like Yotpo, Amazon Pay, and more of Redstage’s ecosystem of solutions partners. These solutions will help keep Sea Bags’ customer journey fresh and provide unique experiences as the year rolls on.

As they continue to scale rapidly during the current landscape of online business, Redstage will continue to support them both on the back-end in site support and ongoing maintenance, and as a business with continuous strategy and long-term consulting.