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  • free magento 1 extensions

Redstage Gives Away 30+ Free Magento 1 Extensions!

Free Magento 1 Extensions! Today Redstage launched the agency's exclusive extension store, featuring 36 free Magento 1 extensions! Click here to visit the extension store and browse our list of available extensions. "This is just another example of the value clients can expect from Redstage." "We've built dozens of custom extensions over the course [...]

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  • 3 Little-Known Holiday Payment Hacks for Mobile eCommerce

3 Little-Known Holiday Payment Hacks for Mobile eCommerce

  Costly Mistakes & Recent Findings Counted among our 5 Most Costly Ecommerce Mistakes of 2017, payment method optimization is a must. Over the past year, we’ve seen a big push towards Apple Pay, PayPal Express, and even Venmo becoming "must-have" holiday payment methods for online stores. The reason? Customers that can click-and-go are more likely to [...]

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  • 4 Strategies to Take B2B Ecommerce Email Marketing to the Next Level

4 Strategies to Take B2B Ecommerce Email Marketing to the Next Level

A well curated eCommerce email list can provide your online store with recurring revenue and provide you with a strong competitive advantage. Realizing that value, however, is highly dependent on how you use it, and a variety of factors that can make or break your bottom line. In 2016, the average open rate across industries was 25% of recipients. [...]

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  • States Can Force Ecommerce Sales Tax

SCOTUS: States Can Charge Ecommerce Sales Tax… But There’s More To The Story.

  States Can Charge Ecommerce Sales Tax So, it finally happened. The South Dakota state government can now charge eCommerce sales tax for online businesses. This morning the US Supreme Court announced the 5-4 ruling, overturning a 1992 decision (Quill Corp v. North Dakota) that barred states from collecting sales tax from businesses with "no physical presence" in [...]

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  • Entrepreneur Podcast Network Interviews Redstage CEO on Transformative B2B eCommerce

Entrepreneur Podcast Network Interviews Redstage CEO on Transformative B2B eCommerce

What is Transformative B2B eCommerce? This week, Eric Dye of the Entrepreneur Podcast Network interviewed Redstage CEO Adam Morris on the coming B2B eCommerce revolution. In this episode, the pair discuss the latest trends, market news, and strategies for companies who "NEED" to adapt to the new standards of digital commerce. Click play [...]

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  • Tips on How to Boost Your eCommerce Sales via Instagram

Instagram Tips: How to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Instagram eCommerce The past decade brought many changes into the world of eCommerce, and one of the most prominent is certainly the key role social media now plays. It's where companies promote their products and interact with potential customers, raise their brand awareness, and increase conversion rates. While Facebook is still the number one social [...]

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  • AI and Big Data in the Future of Customer Loyalty Programs

AI and Big Data in the Future of Customer Loyalty Programs

A sustainable firm needs loyalty customers - this is undeniable. Over the last century, retailers have been using reward programs as an effective tool to gain more repeat customers, and from this, build customer loyalty. However, the fourth industrial revolution is coming and the perspective on loyalty programs is consequently different. Marketers and business doers [...]

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  • Redstage welcomes Hasan Elkomey

Redstage Welcomes Hasan Elkomey As SVP, Strategic Partnerships

Hasan Elkomey Takes Helm of Redstage's Partner Channel Redstage is pleased to announce the latest addition to our team and new SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Hasan Elkomey. As the former VP of Digital Transformation and Strategy at Damco, Hasan will drive Redstage's partnership initiatives, leveraging his 15 years of insight to drive growth. Hasan's experience [...]

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  • Akeneo

Redstage Announces Partnership with Akeneo!

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Akeneo, a leading provider of product information management (PIM) software. About Akeneo Akeneo is a fast-growing software company that offers an open source PIM (Product Information Management) solution that dramatically simplifies catalog management processes. Akeneo PIM makes it is easy for B2B and B2C retailers and brands [...]

  • Here's How Customer Service Will Kill Retail

Here’s How Customer Service Will Kill Brick and Mortar Retail

eCommerce baked-in customer service as a standard. Perhaps early innovators recognized its importance as a differentiator from in-store retail, or maybe it came naturally. Regardless, many traditional retail giants chose to ignore it altogether. In the stories that follow, we'll explore vast disparities in customer service driving traditional retailers toward bankruptcy while simultaneously skyrocketing eCommerce [...]

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