Projects Tailored to Your Requirement

A Budget to Fit Your Needs

Accurately pricing a project is a expert-led custom process. Our team will collaborate with you on your requirements, business goals and expected outcomes to engineer the most valuable and effective solution.

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Let’s Work Together

Budgeting for a full-scale project is a team sport. Redstage has developed a custom process to discover, distill and develop a project budget that will satisfy your business requirements. Your Account Executive and Solution Engineer will work with Technical Architects, Business Analysts and Project Managers to devise a plan to fit any budget.

Collaborative Discovery

We’ll work with your team and go through a series of questions to determine the best strategy for your project implementation. Everything from user experience and frontend development to integrations and custom fulfillment needs are considered and noted to design a proper roadmap for budgeting.

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Solution Engineering

Our Solution Engineering team will take the discovered requirements and build a solution plan for estimation. We’ll use our proprietary methods, vast industry knowledge, direct experience, and historical data to determine the best path forward.

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Pictured Above: Oliver, an actual Senior Solution Engineer @ Redstage

Bespoke Budgeting & Proprietary Calculation

All gathered requirements and information is input into the Redstage pricing modelling spreadsheet. Each phase and feature will be estimated and team size is determined for the project. This calculator is verified by a Technical Architect, Delivery Manager and additional experts to ensure our proposed budget is as accurate as possible.

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