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Top 5 Most Read Ecommerce Articles!

Top 5 Most Read Ecommerce Articles!

At Redstage, we try to keep our content fresh, informative, and interesting for our readers. Whether it’s marketing psychology or the latest ecommerce growth hacks, our aim is to supply you with a constant stream of useful, actionable, and entertaining material. Thanks for tuning in! We hope we’ve helped you on your own quests in the industry. Here are the top 5 most read ecommerce articles from Redstage Worldwide:

#1. Online Buying Behavior: The Difference Between Men & Women

Online Buying Behavior: The Difference between Men and Women

Are Men and Women equals when it comes to shopping? The answer, unsurprisingly, is – definitely not. While much has changed in recent years, there are still some behavioral aspects that set these two genders apart. What this article is primarily tackles though is the difference between online buying behavior between men and women. (read more)


#2. Selling & Upselling with Psychology & Human Behavior

Selling & Upselling With Behavioral Psychology

This article was written by Anthony Latona, Redstage Worldwide’s Chief Marketing Officer & Controller. He writes, “ is one of my favorite websites ever. The entire site is filled with some of the most interesting, captivating, thought provoking and mind blowing presentations from the world’s top geniuses and experts. I highly recommend clicking around and learning something… I recently watched this particular video called, “Are we in control of our own Decisions?” by Dan Ariely. Dan Ariely is a behavioral economist and wrote the book “Predictably Irrational” (Official Site). His TED Talk is brilliant and has a few ideas that we can use in our online marketing and on our e-commerce websites… Here’s what I found out…” (read more)


#3. How All B2C Companies Should Be Marketing By 2020

How All B2C Companies Should Be Marketing By 2020

According to Adam Morris, CEO of Redstage, “The most profitable companies in 2020 will be those which seamlessly integrate content, product development and lifestyle marketing into the customer journey — and benefit from the data.” As an IoT enthusiast (already automating his household with Google Home), Morris believes “top brands will meet customer needs almost instantly, anywhere, and make customers view brand interactions as a constant benefit to their lifestyle.” In this world… (read more)


#4. The Incredible benefits of Magento 2

The Incredible Benefits of Magento 2

Magento just took everything to a whole new level with Magento 2.0. Magento 2 offers a superior feature set compared to nearly any other ecommerce platforms but you may ask yourself… What are the real benefits of Magento 2? Originally, we thought that Magento 2 would simply be a major upgrade from Magento 1, but it’s actually much, much more than that… (read more)

#5. Top 5 Ecommerce Challenges Stores Will Face This Holiday Season & How To Address Them

Top 5

With the holiday season underway, it’s no wonder this one made the list. From stock control to shipping to shopping experiences, here are the top 5 pain-points stores will face this holiday, and our guide to managing these risks. (read more)

Apple Pay and Shopify Plus is a Great Combination!

Apple Pay and Shopify Plus is a Great Combination!


Walking around with a bulky wallet is thing of the past; making payments using apps and cards is now the new normal since customers are looking for an easier way to complete their transactions. This is particularly so with online shopping and Apple has now upped the ante on how your customers can make payments in your physical and online stores using Apple Pay.

As simple as activating Apple Pay in your Shopify Store and leaving the rest to Shopify, gives visitors to your online store a hassle free experience of paying for their items by touching their phones. There is no need to for customers to go through the process of putting in their credit card information every time they buy. Here’s how it works:

  • Customers can add the credit or debit card they wish to use for their purchases to Apple Wallet by entering the security code. They can add as many cards as they wish on their Apple devices using the Wallet App.
  • After adding the card, a unique Device Account Number is assigned to the customer, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element, a dedicated chip in Apple devices.
  • Purchases are made by touch ID to scan your fingerprint, simply touch your phone to complete the transaction. When a purchase is made the Device Account Number along with a transaction specific dynamic security code is use to process the payment.

Shopping with Apple Pay provides for safe, secure and simple shopping. Customers’ cards are never stored to their phones or their payment details shared with merchants.

Shopify-powered online stores will be among the first to accept Apple Pay. With Apple Pay, your customers will be able to quickly and securely check out from your online store with their iPhone, iPad, and Mac by simply tapping the Apple Pay button and scanning their fingerprint.

If you have any questions about Apple Pay and Shopify Plus, give us a call! As a Shopify Plus Partner, Redstage can help you with your Shopify needs.

Fulcrum Worldwide Acquires Redstage – A Leading eCommerce Solution Provider

Fulcrum Worldwide Acquires Redstage – A Leading eCommerce Solution Provider

fulcrum_rswwJersey City, NJ – March 21st, 2016 – Fulcrum Worldwide, a digital transformation and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company, announced the acquisition of Redstage Networks LLC, offering eCommerce products to companies across North America. The acquisition will help Redstage, a boutique agency providing Magento – open-source eCommerce platform based services to further boost their growth and performance.

Redstage will continue to operate as an independent business, focusing on delivering robust, scalable eCommerce solutions to help clients build profitable business; with this collaboration it will expand its operations across the UK & Europe by leveraging Fulcrum’s Global Delivery Model and increase the value Fulcrum delivers to its large customer base. This partnership also advances Fulcrum’s footprints in the emerging electronic-retailing segment, realize more return on investment (ROI) for clients and optimize their user experience; over time, Redstage’s solutions will be incorporated into Fulcrum’s service offerings, together delivering next-generation digital enterprise experience.

‘With this association, Fulcrum Worldwide has now one of the most extensive consulting and technology based offerings; we both share deep technical expertise and customer-centric values’ said Rajesh Sinha, founder and CEO, Fulcrum Worldwide. ‘Also, we are excited to add both Adam Morris, CEO, Redstage and Anthony Latona, Chief Marketing Officer, from Redstage to our leadership team; our goal is to expand our portfolio to become an end-to-end services provider for our clients’ he added.

‘Our strategic relationship with Fulcrum will provide key enhancements in our capabilities that will substantially benefit the Company, its employees, and, most importantly, its customers. The partnership opens doors to new markets, rapid project delivery, access to a pool of in-house talented technical resources, and 24/7 support” said Adam. “We look forward to blend Fulcrum’s expertise with our thought leadership and R&D efforts to provide eCommerce market oriented solutions’ he asserted.

About Fulcrum Worldwide

Fulcrum is a CMMi Level 3 appraised digital transformation and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company with offices in New Jersey, USA, Reading, UK and software delivery centers in Mumbai and Pune, India. Fulcrum leverages its experience in cutting edge technologies along with its domain expertise in Higher Education, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Media to deliver industry-specific solutions. Fulcrum’s offerings include: Enterprise Architecture consulting, Portal and Content Management solutions, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing implementations, Quality Assurance and Testing Services. Our products: ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a unique combination of a cloud-based platform with higher education-specific features and functionalities, and ‘SupplyDay’ is a comprehensive enterprise solution for the supply chain management needs, automating business tasks and providing real time information. Fulcrum is an IBM Advanced Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and Liferay Silver Services Partner.

For more information, visit

About Redstage Networks, LLC

Since 2007 we have created solutions with high sales conversion through elegant technology while promoting brand experience. Our unmatched industry expertise coupled with Magento eCommerce technology produces more sales from your digital channel. Having worked on over 500 Magento businesses, Redstage is the most advanced and experienced agency in the industry. We’re a firm that’s run by accomplished business and marketing professionals and backed by a team of creative and computer science gurus. We’re truly enthusiastic about what we accomplish every day, and we enjoy working with clients that demand excellence and are equally passionate about their business.
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Contact Information
Dhana Kumarasamy
Fulcrum Worldwide­­
111 Town Square Place, Suite 1215
Jersey City, NJ 07310

Ecommerce Growth is Still Strong – Mobile Shopping on the Rise

Ecommerce Growth is Still Strong – Mobile Shopping on the Rise


Over the past few years, Ecommerce sales have been steadily growing causing quite a stir in the retail industry. Companies across the US are trying to find the right balance between the number of physical store they need to operate as well as how much to invest in Ecommerce.

Recently, comScore released a report on Ecommerce sales data in the US, and if that is any indication of what is to come, we will continue to see major growth in the industry. Some of the top Highlights from the report include:

-Top-performing categories were: Apparel & Accessories, Consumer Packaged Goods, Sport & Fitness, Digital Content & Subscriptions, and Home & Garden. Each category grew at least 13% YOY
-Desktop Ecommerce accounted for 11.7% of consumers’ discretionary spending, the highest Q1 share on record
-Of the additional $7.3billion in mobile commerce (m-commerce) smartphone purchases accounting for 62% of sales vs 38% from tablets

The Chart below shows the trend of Ecommerce sales since 2008.

 Call us today and see how you can capitalize on this growth!

7 Tips to Maximize Ecommerce Sales

Running a successful ecommerce website is tough, but not beyond your reach. These 7 tips will help you stand out and help increase your conversions, making you more money!

1. Daily/Weekly Deals – You’ve probably seen tons of these types of sites popping up around the net in recent years. There’s a reason – they sell! Capitalize on people’s tendency toward impulse purchases and add a Daily or Weekly deal category to your site. Create a newsletter and let your customers know when a new deal is up.

2. Make your cart stand out – a lot of websites try to hide away the cart links for a sleeker design, but this may actually hurt your conversion more than anything. Remember, you want the customer to purchase the items they add to their cart, not just forget that it’s even there.

3. Show your Stock – If a customer thinks that you have an unlimited quantity of a certain product available, they’ll be less inclined to purchase right away. Displaying stock levels, especially when they are low, will create a sense of urgency and likely turn a customer’s browsing and abandonment of your site to a conversion so they don’t miss out on the product that they want.

4. The Power of Free Shipping – One of the biggest drawbacks of shopping online is having to pay for shipping. Incentivize your customers to purchase by offering free shipping on your site. You can set a minimum order amount to earn free shipping (say $50-100, depending on the type of products you sell) which will increase your average order value in addition to increasing the number of orders placed on your site.

5. Spend money on good product photography – Another downside of shopping online is not being able to get a great look at the item you want to buy. Help your customers out by spending the money on good product photography. If you sell clothes, get some people to model the clothes for your product shots so the customers can see how they fit. The more a customer detail about the product can get from your listing page, the more likely they are to purchase (and less likely they are to want to return the product due to buyer’s remorse).

6. Invest in Search – You want to help your customers find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Part of this is your product and category set up, but a big part of helping your customers find what they need is going to be having a good search on your site. There are plenty of options out there, so do your research and invest in the best one that your company can afford at the time. Any enhancement here will be worth it even if you’ll need to upgrade again down the road.

7. Build Trust – If you’re not familiar with what a trust logo is, it is an image on your site which lets the customer know that they are safe shopping on your site; this can be credit card company logos, a logo from your SSL certificate issuer or even a badge that says you are an authorized seller for specific brands on your site. Buying online is scary for a lot of people, so anything that builds trust in your company will do a lot to help increase your sales.

These tips should help boost your site sales pretty quickly. Want to know more? Give us a shout!

August Partner of the Month – Emailvision

Each month we feature a partner company that has produced great results for our clients.  This month we’ll be discussing a leader in email marketing and customer intelligence  technologies, Emailvision.

Emailvision powers smart email, mobile and social marketing with built-in customer intelligence. The Emailvision mission is to provide excellence in software and services for online relationship marketing. With offices and client service teams in 22 countries, Emailvision delivers 500,000 marketing campaigns every month on behalf of 3,300 clients worldwide. This unprecedented quality of service is driven by 12 years of research and development and by Emailvision’s 700 passionate employees.

Emailvision offers The New Way to Automate your Relationship Marketing  – powered by Customer Intelligence:

 Campaign Commander Enterprise Edition enables marketing professionals to reach audiences with targeted messages that significantly improve campaign conversion rates and profitability. Key product features allow marketers to take control of their customer data to execute relevant marketing campaigns across email, mobile and social channels.

The new way to discover business opportunities in your customer data

Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence enables marketers to rapidly explore detailed profile data including purchase behavior and responsiveness to past marketing campaigns. Millions of records can be analyzed in seconds with drag and drop features that make data analysis easy-to-use and highly accessible for online marketing teams.

The new way to manage and deliver your email and mobile campaigns

Email and Mobile Campaign Management

The intuitive features in Email and Mobile Marketing move marketers from the basics of campaign execution to more advanced tactics in online relationship marketing. Now fully integrated with Customer Intelligence, campaigns can be executed with targeted ‘smart segments’ that generate higher response rates with every campaign.

The new way to generate business with social marketing

Social Campaign Management

Social Marketing in Campaign Commander allows marketers to execute synchronized marketing campaigns across all of the major social media channels. Marketers can accelerate their social activities, manage highly dynamic communities and measure the business impact from social campaigns.

For more information, see