Conversion Engineering Webinar Now Live on

Conversion Engineering Webinar Now Live on

For anyone who missed our Magento webinar titled, “Conversion Engineering: Tiny Tweaks Can Bring in Huge Rewards,” it’s now live (free of charge of course) over on This webinar gives you insight into many of the areas of scrutiy that us professionals review when maximizing conversions.  Check it out below!

Originally Aired: Dec 5, 2012

Join Adam Morris, Co-Founder and CEO of Redstage Networks, as he dives through top site optimizations that increase sales. Adam and his team are seasoned professionals in internet marketing, and he’ll be sharing some valuable tools in their toolbox.

He’ll educate you on many of the conversion optimizations that commonly have the biggest impact, showing you areas of focus that will maximize your efforts. In the process, you’ll also get a vocabulary lesson on the proper terminology used by the pros.


  • See the top tweaks that increase sales
  • Learn the terminology that the pros use
  • Understand the next steps to increase your conversion rate