A Never-Before-Seen Way to Sell on BigCommerce

In a groundbreaking new way to utilize the BigCommerce platform, Redstage built Sunshine Metals a custom, never-before-seen way of selling custom products to consumers, and they couldn’t be happier.

Projects Objectives


Sunshine Metals was executing much of their business through over-the-phone ordering and managing through Excel Spreadsheets. The company came to Redstage with a desire to modernize, converting their current offline buyers to online customers.  


The goal? Making the ordering process easier and lowering costs.  


The roadblock? How to work with custom orders inside the BigCommerce platform, which do not have an inventory value assigned to them.  


 So, Redstage had to get a little creative… 



Creative Design

Our Award-winning Creative Design team took this opportunity to also give the website a fresh, new look and implement many quality changes. These small changes have an impact on conversion rate and cart abandonment, like icons, colors, fonts and more.

Creative, Custom Solutions for Seemingly Impossible Problems

Sunshine Metals ultimately needed a custom connection from the server-to-server cart to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, BTS-IT, to allow their customers to order custom cut pieces of metal through an online portal instead of over the phone. Our team of BigCommerce-certified technicians and B2B business experts engineered custom middleware that would provide the required functionality.

BundleB2B and Premium B2B features

Aside from the custom development, Redstage utilized BigCommerce’s extensive B2B features and app functionality to provide an all-around optimized B2B customer experience that businesses need. These include: 

  • Ability to get quotes for products immediately 

  • Gated pricing with logins, allowing quotes and custom pricing to be saved 

  • Acceptance of purchase orders 

  • Advanced shipping options from multiple warehouses with shipping quotes 



A Modernized Buying Process

Sunshine Metals’ new B2B buying portal allows customers to place order specifications into the portal and get real-time quotes for custom orders. This saves the end-user/buyer significant time and effort while allowing the sales staff to focus on strategic customers and bringing on new business.

Increased Sales and Fulfillment Efficiency

With a new entirely digital backend and fulfillment process, orders can not only be placed faster but fulfilled faster and with less friction, further saving costs when compared to their manual ordering and fulfilling process. 

What’s Next

Direct-To-Consumer Portal and Support 


Sunshine Metals’ current self-service B2B workflow works great for their business clients.  Next, they plan on providing this same custom ordering process directly to consumers. Moving to a direct-to-consumer model will vastly widen their customer base without overloading staff.  


Redstage will continue to support Sunshine Metals through an ongoing development and maintenance program.