Apple Pay and Shopify Plus is a Great Combination!

Apple Pay and Shopify Plus is a Great Combination!


Walking around with a bulky wallet is thing of the past; making payments using apps and cards is now the new normal since customers are looking for an easier way to complete their transactions. This is particularly so with online shopping and Apple has now upped the ante on how your customers can make payments in your physical and online stores using Apple Pay.

As simple as activating Apple Pay in your Shopify Store and leaving the rest to Shopify, gives visitors to your online store a hassle free experience of paying for their items by touching their phones. There is no need to for customers to go through the process of putting in their credit card information every time they buy. Here’s how it works:

  • Customers can add the credit or debit card they wish to use for their purchases to Apple Wallet by entering the security code. They can add as many cards as they wish on their Apple devices using the Wallet App.
  • After adding the card, a unique Device Account Number is assigned to the customer, encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element, a dedicated chip in Apple devices.
  • Purchases are made by touch ID to scan your fingerprint, simply touch your phone to complete the transaction. When a purchase is made the Device Account Number along with a transaction specific dynamic security code is use to process the payment.

Shopping with Apple Pay provides for safe, secure and simple shopping. Customers’ cards are never stored to their phones or their payment details shared with merchants.

Shopify-powered online stores will be among the first to accept Apple Pay. With Apple Pay, your customers will be able to quickly and securely check out from your online store with their iPhone, iPad, and Mac by simply tapping the Apple Pay button and scanning their fingerprint.

If you have any questions about Apple Pay and Shopify Plus, give us a call! As a Shopify Plus Partner, Redstage can help you with your Shopify needs.

Using Pinterest to Boost Your Store Sales

Using Pinterest to Boost Your Store Sales


Everyone uses Pinterest, and why not? It’s only the third most popular social media site in the world. Online stores have been taking advantage of its popularity by creating Pinterest accounts where customers can make purchases right in the Pinterest app or on the web without visiting the online store.

Pinterest is reportedly responsible for more than 23 percent of web traffic referred by social media sites according to Covestor. Shopify collaborated with Pinterest to gather data about the use of the Pinterest platform. Their research concluded that Pinterest can be a powerful driver of traffic and big ticket sales.

Why is this so?

Some important facts from the data they gathered answers this question.

Pinners are Shoppers: 2 Million people post product pins per day. That means they will buy it or they have intention of returning to buy. Even if they don’t purchase that product, someone else will see the pin and It will spark an interest for them to.

Average spent per order is more than other social sites: Pinterest has a $50 average order value

96% of product users use Pinterest to gather product information, specifically to see what others are posting about a product they may be interested in.

As mentioned before, everyone is using Pinterest: Originally mostly used by women, new data suggests this is no longer the case. Male users have doubled from 2013 to 2014.  There are 73 Million Pinterest users monthly which is more than the population of the United Kingdom.

How can you use this information to increase your eCommerce conversion rates?

The majority of business pins saved (2/3rds to be precise) are saved directly from a company’s website. You can add the “Pin It” button to your website to make it fast and simple for visitors to save pins to their Pinterest board directly from your website.

Pay Attention to Pinterest Analytics. This information can be used to determine what drives the most traffic and revenue; this information is helpful to you to provide guidance for your presence on Pinterest and how this results in the ROI.

Check out Shopify’s Ultimate Pinterest guide for your online store for help creating your presence on Pinterest to increase your conversion rates.

Shopify Plus has extremely powerful tools you can use to boost your traffic with social media including advanced tools for Pinterest! As a Shopify Plus Partner, Redstage can help you use these tools to increase your sales.