Google Analytics: Intelligence Events

Google Analytics: Intelligence Events

With Intelligence Events, Google Analytics allows you to quickly view and define big events in your website’s traffic. Pair this service with Custom Alerts which let you receive timely notifications whenever these events occur, and you’ve got a very efficient virtual assistant that’s on the job 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Google Analytics blog defined the services as:

Analytics Intelligence: We’re launching the initial phase of an algorithmic driven Intelligence engine to Google Analytics. Analytics Intelligence will provide automatic alerts of significant changes in the data patterns of your site metrics and dimensions over daily, weekly and monthly periods. For instance, Intelligence could call out a 300% surge in visits from YouTube referrals last Tuesday or let you know bounce rates of visitors from Virginia dropped by 70% two weeks ago. Instead of you having to monitor reports and comb through data, Analytics Intelligence alerts you to the most significant information to pay attention to, saving you time and surfacing traffic insights that could affect your business. Now, you can spend your time actually taking action, instead of trying to figure out what needs to be done.

Custom Alerts make it possible for you to tell Google Analytics what to watch for. You can set daily, weekly, and monthly triggers on different dimensions & metrics, and be notified by email or right in the user interface when the changes actually occur.

Intelligence Events

In other words, Intelligence Events has two very important functions: it analyzes the data for you and calls your attention to the most relevant ones. Although we haven’t found much information on how the Intelligence Events algorithm works, it’s clear that the system takes a lot of variables into consideration, which really isn’t surprising when you consider that the system was made by Google. What’s more is that the system’s design and user interface, also sticks to what Google does best: simplicity and intuitiveness.

Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts is also a very useful service. In the age of information, speed and accuracy are everything. Custom Alerts keeps you informed of anomalies in your websites traffic all day, every day. This means that you’ll be able to take quick action whenever you might experience a sharp rise or drop in traffic.

If you use Google Analytics, you should really try giving both Intelligence Events and Custom Alerts a shot!

Redstage and Magento Donate New eCommerce Site to Boost Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts for Hoboken, NJ

Redstage and Magento Donate New eCommerce Site to Boost Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts for Hoboken, NJ

In a wonderful collaboration between Magento, Redstage, and members of the NJ Tech Meetup community, a new eCommerce site launched yesterday at  We had all hands on deck to help launch this site as quickly as possible to maximize our ability to help fund-raise.  Read the full press release below:

Organization’s Goal to Raise $100,000 Underpinned by New Marketplace Functionality that Showcases Products and Services from Hoboken Businesses Offered at Significant Savings
Hoboken, New Jersey – November 29, 2012 –, a campaign by the NJ Tech Meetup community aiming to raise $100,000 to help rebuild the city of Hoboken in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, today announced the launch of its new website that adds marketplace functionality and now showcases products and services from local businesses.

On October 29, Hurricane Sandy devastated the city of Hoboken, flooding over 50 percent of the city, leaving schools, homes, and hospitals damaged or destroyed. Within a few days, Aaron Price, founder of NJ Tech Meetup, in conjunction with members of the local technology community launched /, a website that has already raised over $25,000 by selling specially designed t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Powered by Magento, a division of X.commerce, (an eBay Inc. company), and implemented by Hoboken-based Redstage Networks, a leading eCommerce solutions agency, the new website takes advantage of enterprise features and a marketplace that allows the organization to accept donations from businesses and offer them at significant discounts. All of the proceeds from each transaction will directly benefit the Hoboken Relief Fund. In addition to t-shirts and sweatshirts, the website now offers gift cards, hotel rooms, and restaurant specials; other products and services from Hoboken businesses are being added every day.

“We’re honored to support and their work to rebuild the lives of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Our hearts go out to those affected and we wish a fast and speedy recovery,” said Roy Rubin, Chief Operating Officer of X.commerce and Magento.

“This is a win-win-win for Hoboken, the technology community and local businesses,” explained Price. “With the holiday shopping season upon us, people who want to support Hoboken can do so through the site. They will not only find great deals and gift ideas, but also support Hoboken’s participating retail shops, restaurants and businesses, essentially helping the local economy which is of vital importance as we rebuild from the storm.”

W Hotel, Village Pourhouse, East LA, EatDrinkNJ, StearClear, Adameaus Designs, and Clean Popo are a few of the businesses who have already pledged products, services and gift cards for the website. Business interested in donating can contact Christine Curatolo at

As part of the implementation, Redstage Networks was instrumental in working with Magento to donate a license of the Magento Enterprise eCommerce platform. Additionally, integrated PayPal for payment processing, which reduced transaction costs by more than 30% compared to the previous provider.

For more information on Hoboken Relief Fund and to make a donation, please visit

About Redstage

Based in Hoboken, NJ, Redstage is a leading eCommerce solutions agency. We create solutions with high sales conversion through elegant technology while promoting brand experience. Our unmatched industry expertise coupled with the Magento eCommerce technology produces more sales from your digital channel. Having worked on over 200 Magento projects, Redstage is the most advanced and experienced agency in the industry. For more information, visit:

About Heal Hoboken and NJ Tech Meetup

Heal Hoboken was launched in less than 24 hours after Hurricane Sandy by members of the NJ Tech Meetup community and is a collaboration between members of the group, including Jack Zerby, Danny Duran, Adam Saynuk, Scott Molski, Heather Ryan, Eden Golomb, Christine Curatolo, Domenick Cilea and Aaron Price. Positive Internet, RedStage, eBay, Paypal, and Magento have also offered their services to the effort. The team met via the NJ Tech Meetup, NJ’s largest technology community, based in Hoboken. The group meets monthly at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken and hosts speakers on subjects related to entrepreneurship and technology. For more information, visit: