Redstage Launches New Site for Saint Rock Haiti Foundation

Redstage Launches New Site for Saint Rock Haiti Foundation

Redstage and Fulcrum Digital collaborated with the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation’s international team to launch a brand-new website for the non-profit. The organization’s redesigned online home sports a modern look and upgraded customer journey, along with a user-friendly content management system. The site provides an emphasis on special features to enhance fundraising campaigns and allows Saint Rock to secure much needed financial support.


“For more than fifteen years the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation has been committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive primary health care, educational and economic opportunities, and empowering people in the Saint Rock community to thrive. As we continue to expand the services we offer, we rely on our website to spread the word of our mission and help to obtain greatly needed financial support. Through their generosity, Redstage and Fulcrum are allowing SRHF to have a wider audience and a more powerful presence!”Jocelyn Bresnahan, DNP, President and CEO, Saint Rock Haiti Foundation

Haiti St. Rock Foundation's new website designed by Redstage and Fulcrum


Members of Redstage’s web development team visited Haiti earlier this year to learn more about the organization, their culture, and their goals for helping the community. This gave the team a deeper perspective of what the foundation works and stands for, allowing us to emphasize those attributes in the new site.


Saint Rock Foundation Medical Staff


“Working on this new site for the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation has been a great opportunity to lend my skill and experience to an organization that means a lot to me. I first found out about the SRHF about 4 years ago – which was actually how I met my wife! I got involved quickly on small tasks – social media posts and little updates on their website here and there. Eventually, I knew that the organization needed a big upgrade in their tool bag to help bring online awareness and fundraising to a new level. It’s been a long road gathering new content and fleshing out the feature set for the initial roll out, but I am very proud of our efforts and know that it will be a great asset for the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation going forward!.”Agbi Bajrushi, Senior Program Manager at Redstage


Fulcrum Digital, Redstage’s parent company, also collaborated on this effort. The Fulcrum Foundation has been raising funds to build schools since 2002, and continues its mission today. Through the Fulcrum Foundation, Saint Rock was equipped with the digital infrastructure needed to enhance their online presence.


Rajesh Sindra, Chairman of Fulcrum Digital, had this to say:

“In today’s world, to create visibility and invite more people to contribute to this great cause we need a technical platform which can help promote to a larger audience, collaborate and increase the community. We have the opportunity to create a larger community, elevate ease of use, and help the community collaborate and expand. We will continue our philanthropy initiatives in developing countries through the Fulcrum Foundation and we are proud to contribute to this and many other social initiatives by being a strategic partner for the future and beyond.”


Dr. Jean Kenes Eloy, Medical Director of the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation clinic, has recently been chosen to accept the Bob and Leila Macauley Humanitarian Spirit Award presented by Americares. The award recognizes outstanding achievement of healthcare workers and represents the efforts of more than 60 million healthcare workers worldwide. Dr. Eloy is one of only 5 healthcare workers being honored with the award this year. She joins recipients from India, the United States, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico.


Dr Jean Kenes Eloy with his saint rock haiti staff


Readers can learn more and donate to the foundation here. All financial support goes towards providing the people of Saint Rock, Haiti with the medical attention they need. Saint Rock Haiti Foundation appreciates all the support they receive.

Here’s How Our Team is Helping The Community During The Crisis

Here’s How Our Team is Helping The Community During The Crisis

While the pandemic has tested companies across the globe, but there’s positivity even in the darkest of times. All you have to do is look for it. At Redstage and Fulcrum Digital (our parent company), the team came together to help others in numerous ways. From launching fundraisers and sending masks to those in need, our tight knit team is spreading joy around the United States and beyond. Here’s how.



Marya Berardi, Head of Project Management

Feeding America

Alongside HR and her colleague Art, Marya has been working to fundraise for Feeding America and God’s Love We Deliver – two organizations that provide meals to those in need. Marya has also been running a fundraising campaign in her social circles. “We’re very fortunate that we have jobs that not only allow us to work remotely but also are in a fairly-stable industry. Now more than ever is the time for us to give back to our communities – especially to help our neighbors who have literally lost their ability to feed their families.” Marya said.

To date, enough funds have been raised to cover approximately 10,000 meals – with the goal to raise enough to cover 25,000. Those interested in donating to either organization should check out Fulcrum/Redstage’s Feeding America online campaign or the God’s Love We Deliver COVID-19 emergency fund page. Marya also strongly encourages anyone who can to volunteer with these types of organizations in your community, donate blood and check in on elderly neighbors: “There are plenty of ways to get out of the house AND to make a difference at the same time!

Chris Yin, Creative Director, Redstage

Chris Yin, Creative Director at Redstage

Mask Donations

Since the start of this pandemic, Christopher and his father Conrad, have been sourcing medical surgical masks to donate to first responders, law enforcement, and hospitals in the NJ area. To-date, they have donated more than 600 surgical masks to St. Barnabas Medical Center, the Verona Police Department, and are in process of receiving another 1000 masks for donation by end of next week.

When asked why, Christopher stated “My Child was born at the Apex of the curve. The eerie drive to the hospital, passing the plastic quarantine tents, the empty parking lot, knowing we are surrounded by the microscopic virus. I witnessed first-hand how these brave doctors and nurses put themselves in harm’s way to take care of us, and I couldn’t be more thankful. We have the means and it is our social responsibility to take care of those who are taking care of us, it’s that simple”



Kalyan Gopalakrishnan, VP of Insurance Practice at Fulcrum Digital


Meditation Sessions

Strengthening immunity is the need of the hour! During this challenging times it is very important to protect our body and mind from stress, sleeplessness, malnourishment, anxiety, and more. One of the best ways to manage this is through breathing & meditation. When the global pandemic was declared, Kalyan volunteered to bring breathing and meditation techniques to everyone in the company which was immediately supported by the executive leadership team. He began conducting 30 min sessions, twice daily covering all office locations across Fulcrum Digital and Redstage.

These sessions help participants to calm their minds and get more focused on their day to day without anxiety and stress. Kalyan has been conducting these sessions for the last one month and planned to continue till the situation come back to normalcy. Kalyan shared that “Meditation and breathing techniques are my passion and it helps me go through every day with peace. I took it as my responsibility to share what I have to all my colleagues so that everyone can benefit especially during these testing times.


Local & Online

Outside of local community initiatives, the Redstage and Fulcrum teams are assisting the business community too. Working with our partners in the eCommerce ecosystem, we’re providing free eCommerce support for companies of all sizes. If you’re struggling to stay online or need to build an online store to offset closed locations, we’re here to help. Learn more about Offline2On and our free services here.