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Redstage Recognized as Top Ecommerce & Magento Developers in NYC and Chicago 2019

Redstage Recognized as Top Ecommerce & Magento Developers in NYC and Chicago 2019

Ahead of the Competition

The Redstage team works tirelessly to provide nothing less than exceptional solutions for our clients, continuously striving to remain among the world’s best ecommerce agencies. That said, we’re proud to announce several awards received from Clutch for 2019.

This year, Redstage was ranked the #1 Magento Development agency and the #1 Magento Design agency in New York. Additionally, we were awarded as the #1 Magento Developers in Chicago, and as one of the Top Ecommerce Development agencies in both New York and Chicago. Currently, Redstage Ranks #6 for Top B2B Magento Developers in the world.

“Not only are we proud to receive recognition for our efforts in the ecommerce industry, but we’re excited for new opportunities the platform is bringing us,” said Redstage CEO, Adam Morris. “As the #1 Magento Agency in New York and Chicago for 2019, we’re confident our team is delivering the level of service modern companies need, nationwide.”

Out of nearly 90 magento developers on Clutch, Redstage ranks #1 for best in Chicago and New York:

top ecommerce developers in new york, chicago


In contrast to awards that emphasize the caliber of a specific project, Clutch looks at a partnerships holistically. Our clients don’t just discuss the results we’ve driven for their business, but also our team’s business acumen, creativity, technical ability, and dedication to their long-term success. As one client noted, “We built a relationship and a bond with them, and the results speak for themselves.”

With the increasing importance of reviews in the buyer’s purchasing journey, Redstage is grateful to have Clutch as a long-term partner. Awards are only given to companies that can prove they go above and beyond for their clients, and Redstage will continue to strive for this high level of excellence. Thank you to Clutch, our clients, and our partners for your continued support. Get in touch with us today to receive our award-winning services.

Redstage Named A Leader in New York E-Commerce Development

Redstage Named A Leader in New York E-Commerce Development

The Redstage team is dedicated to delivering high-quality services that exceed our clients’ expectations. As a New York E-Commerce development agency, we’ve always known that we do a great job, but it never hurts to be recognized for your hard work. That is why we’re pleased to announce Redstage was named a leading e-commerce and Shopify developer by Clutch, and one of the top three Magento developers in New York!

New York E-Commerce Development

A Leader In New York E-Commerce Development

We’re thrilled to be featured in a top spot across multiple service areas, not to mention the positive feedback we received from our clients in our Clutch profile’s reviews. These clients shared their experiences working with our team, detailing the different Magento development and integration projects we’ve completed for them. Here are some highlights from what they had to say:

“One thing that stood out was how personable they were. They’re very professional. We didn’t experience any issues with communication or workflow.”
“We built a relationship and a bond with them, and the results speak for themselves. They did an exceptional job, and they really do care.”
“I will say that they’re clearly able to manage their client expectations and deliver high-quality work on a consistent basis. Their process is both collaborative and extremely transparent. We’ve appreciated that a lot as their client.”

Thank you to our clients for the candid comments! We are honored to receive this award for our commitment to our services. Our team is looking forward to a continued relationship with Clutch, maintaining our standing as a leading developer, and reading more great reviews!

Who Ranks New York E-Commerce Development?

Clutch is a third-party ratings and reviews platform that connects businesses with the service provider, solution and insights needed to help conquer their challenges. This week, they evaluated New York e-commerce development companies on their market presence, ability to deliver their services, and client references to determine the list of leading firms in the area. You can view Redstage’s latest reviews & ratings here!

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