Guy Harvey – Intradeco

Guy Harvey – Intradeco

Digital Transformation Done Right

With a newly launched digital back-end admin system on Shopify’s robust B2B platform, Guy Harvey’s inventory and fulfillment processes are faster, more efficient, and more successful than ever before!

Projects Objectives

Guy Harvey needed help keeping track of all of their moving inventory between warehouses, as well as create a more user friendly portal for quickly placing large orders. Utilizing the extreme customizability allowed in Shopify, as well as their increased investment in the B2B uses and technologies of the platform, we helped them build a custom, frictionless home on the juggernaut eCommerce platform.


A New Way to Place Orders

Already living on an “Out of the Box” version of Shopify, Guy Harvey now has a cleaner and more efficient platform for placing orders. Their sales reps are already loving the new digital platform, making their lives much, much easier.

Creative Design

Built off one of Shopify’s many themes, Redstage customized the site as well designed a new logo, banners, fonts, and colors. We take conversion rate and customer experiences into account to ensure the most successful design.

Security and Maintenance

Like any Redstage client, Guy Harvey’s site has been secured to the maximum potential, ensuring no data breaches. We provide ongoing support to ensure maximum uptime and top-notch performance.

Custom Shopify Development

A custom Shopify app for backend processes, Guy Harvey’s team now has a much more organized view of inventory on-hand and in-transit, a previous pain point for them.

Custom Integrations

Needing to integrate their processes into the new site took some custom work, specifically their SAP ERP solution. Redstage mapped the necessary metafields and removed the need for manual spreadsheets entirely.


Boosted Sales and Productivity

From manual spreadsheets and email/phone orders, to a brand new digital B2B buying portal on Shopify. 100s of new orders already placed with easier and faster digital processes.

Increased Fulfillment Efficiency, Minimizing Errors

Going digital made it easier for the team to stay on top of order fulfillment and efficiency, limiting missed ship dates and double orders. Speeding up warehouse processes and raising their bottom line.

Improved Site Performance and Web Security

With increased web and transaction volume, we also had to ensure the site would perform as good, if not better, than before with new integrations and processes.

Hear what the Guy Harvey team has to say!

We have accounts that prefer to do orders on their own and this system is easy enough for them to do that. This platform is a huge advantage for the sales team and very easy to work with, utilizing the live photos of the items is great. Thanks so much Redstage. Super upgrade for the sales team!


Very nice upgrade overall. Kudos to Redstage and the team! This new system will save us a ton of manual labor hours both in the office and in the warehouse.Thanks!


What’s Next

More Digital Transformation and Support

Guy Harvey’s goal is to continue down the road of Digital Transformation, now focusing on a fully self-serving B2B buying portal for their customers. The team will continue to partner with Redstage long-term, ready to make improvements and optimizations further on their new platform.