Sea Bags

Sea Bags

eCommerce Growth Amid a New Landscape

Sea Bags migrated to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, improving site performance, conversion rates, traffic, and revenue growth within three months post-launch! 

Revenue and Transactions Growth

In the 3 months post-launch of Sea Bags’ new site, they were bringing in more traffic and in-turn saw an increase in revenue. Transactions are up 47% on the new site, and revenue is up 53%.




Increased Traffic and Conversion on Multiple Platforms

The new site, given a new mobile-responsive design, is seeing an increase in traffic on both mobile and desktop. 25% more new users visited the site post-launch, with 57% more transactions on mobile devices. Desktop conversion rate is up 16%, and mobile conversions are up 20%.

Increased Site Speed To Serve More Page Views

Sea Bags’ new site has seen significant growth in site performance as well, their pages are loading approximately 35% faster on Salesforce Commerce Cloud down to 2.5 seconds despite now seeing 31% more page views and sessions.

Selected Solutions

Magento Migration

Creative Design

Custom Integrations

Salesforce Development

Security & Maintenance

Project Objectives

Sea Bags had to scale their business onto a new eCommerce platform, and fast as the busy holiday season approached. We had to migrate Sea Bags off of Magento 2, and build them a new, modern, responsive home on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Magento 2 Migration

Sea Bags’ needed to switch to a platform that better suited their business needs. In order to have the site up in time for their busy holiday season, they needed to migrate all their product information, content, data, and extensions very quickly to a new platform that may not have immediately translatable cartridges to fill these gaps.


Creative Design

With a new platform comes an opportunity to give your new site and fresh and modernized look. Our award-winning creative team had the task of putting together a style guide that matched Sea Bags’ branding and identity and helping to give the merchant and stylish, innovative new design.

“Einstein AI”

A new Artificial Intelligence feature to Sea Bags’ site, the “Einstein” integration helps customers find recommended products depending on the page they were on, or what products were bought in the past, among other variables utilizing valuable customer data and insights only available on eCommerce platforms.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Development

Sea Bags chose Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) as the home for their new site. They needed a platform that was lower maintenance, more user friendly, and could still fit their business needs in terms of scalability. Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides these, along with an extensive library of cartridges.

Custom Integrations

All of the integrations Sea Bags had come to need had to be ported to SFCC. On their previous Magento instance, they had extensions such as ShipStation’s custom shipping options, Cybersource Credit and PayPal processingTaxJar’s tax automation software, Bronto’s email marketing software and more. 


Successful Magento Migration to Salesforce

Seamlessly, our team was able to migrate all of Sea Bags’ product and customer data over to an entirely new platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud. While some of the previous extensions did not have Salesforce cartridges, like Bronto’s email marketing software and Sea Bags’ Data Feed integration, Redstage custom made new connectors and ensured Sea Bags still had all their previous features.


Innovative Site Design and Features

Our creative team gave Sea Bags a new, modern-looking website that exemplifies the brand’s values and identity while also delivering new features and experiences to their customer base. With their new “Einstein” AI recommendation engine, customers are recommended perfect upsell products, maximizing average order value and revenue, and giving them more reasons to come back.



Mobile Responsiveness and Increased Performance

Sea Bags’ new website is also performing much better on the new platform. We helped declutter the backend operations by reducing the number of integrations and automated many of their processes as well. This not only speeds up website load times but gives customers better experiences on desktop, tablet, and mobile, leading to more conversions and higher average order value on all mediums. 

Major Growth Post-Launch

Sea Bags is seeing major improvements to most metrics post-launch of the new Salesforce Commerce Cloud site. With new features and a new designalong with a better performing site, many new customers are finding their way to Sea Bags already

“Our volume grew more than expected last year, partially due to the pandemic and the sudden shift to online business. As a result, it was a fortuitous decision that we re-platformed when we did…I don’t think our site would’ve been able to handle the volume of the holidays without our re-platforming.” – Don Oakes, CEO at Sea Bags

  • 53% revenue growth
  • 47% transaction growth
  • 31% more site users
  • 32% faster page load time
  • 20% growth to mobile conversions
  • 57% more mobile transactions

“Redstage’s dedication to doing whatever they had to do to meet our Halloween launch deadline and be ready for the holidays more than anything exemplified their commitment to Sea Bags’ success. From getting more resources on the project to working side by side with Salesforce and the various partners who handled our cartridge implementations, and seeing challenges none of us could have anticipated, we could not have launched without Redstage.”

Don Oakes

CEO, Sea Bags

The Benefits of a Dedicated Partnership

Sea Bags’ new site significantly reduces administrative overhead and helps better leverage time and resources in other areas. The migration helped consolidate integrations, which in turn significantly increases site performance, as shown by page load times. 

  • 53% revenue growth
  • 47% transaction growth
  • 31% more site users
  • 32% faster page load time
  • 20% growth to mobile conversions
  • 57% more mobile transactions

         What’s Next?

Continuously Innovative and Scaling

Sea Bags is continuing to innovate with their customer experience by integrating new technical solutions continuously. Integrations like Yotpo, Amazon Pay, and more of Redstage’s ecosystem of solutions partners. These solutions will help keep Sea Bags’ customer journey fresh and provide unique experiences as the year rolls on.

As they continue to scale rapidly during the current landscape of online business, Redstage will continue to support them both on the back-end in site support and ongoing maintenance, and as a business with continuous strategy and long-term consulting.