Case Study

Medals of America

Redstage Worldwide launched a full-scale redesign for American veteran owned eCommerce company, Medals of America. The extensive redesign & replatform features exclusive custom product builders & site-wide capabilities.


  • Replatformed and launched a brand new store (design & development)
  • Built revolutionary technology to achieve the unique reqirements of Medals of America
  • Implemented multiple customizations, including the shadow box, ribbon, and medals customizers which the Redstage team built from scratch
  • Regarded as one of the most complex systems ever built on Magento 2

Accomplished the "Impossible"
In what is regarded as one of the most complex custom systems ever built in Magento 2, the team innovated an entirely custom solution to optimize the builders to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

The site is 100% mobile responsive, allowing customers to browse, customize and purchase on any device. The Medals of America team hopes this will allow them to reach a younger generation of veterans who prefer a mobile-optimized experience.

Replatformed & Redesigned a brand new store (design & development) for Medals of America. The new launch added functionality to nearly every part of the store including the blog, shopping capabilities, marketing opportunities and SEO.

The Story

Medals of America came to Redstage because they knew they wanted an exciting redesign that was unlike anything else in the industry.

The company's previous site was outdated and lacked updated functionality they knew could grow their business.

Redstage replatformed Medals of America to Magento 2, adding leading integrations, extremely custom features, and a responsive design, which will undoubtedly help M.O.A. increase their conversion rate and expand their market online.

Redstage also created a custom API layer to pull additional order data from Magento for these custom product types. It includes a notation of what type of product was ordered (Medal Rack, Ribbon Rack, Shadowbox, Artifi product) and then a custom array of the product details (Selected products and attachements, mounting fees, etc.). This array was designed so MOA could easily interface with/parse the data to enter into their ERP system for fulfillment.

A New Milestone

Agbi Bajrushi
Sr. Project Manager, Redstage

“I’m incredibly proud of all of the great work that our team has been able to accomplish for Medals of America. We learned a lot in a number of ways and this can only serve to make us stronger going forward. I truly believe that this is not only the most complex Magento site that we have built, but probably the most complex that exists in the entire ecosystem! Let’s keep it going!”