The Power of Exponential Growth

As a Redstage Client since 2015, Jura Coffee has seen continuous revenue growth from their DTC eCommerce operations every year since. In 2021, Jura received the AVA Gold Award for Most Innovative Website Element, Jura Live.

Revenue and Transactions Growth

In the month post-launch of the new site, Jura Coffee’s multistore saw huge boosts to their transaction volume, and in-turn their revenue. Compared year over year, Jura Coffee had gained 54% more revenue and 57% more transactions.




Mobile Conversion Rate and Traffic Growth

With their new, mobile responsive design their mobile traffic has increased by over 55%. Their new boost to traffic also converted at a much higher clip, getting a boost of 44% to their conversion rate post-launch.

Site Speed and Performance Growth

After the upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2, lowering the number of extensions and upgrading the hosting, the site is overall performing much better than before. Page load time is up to 10% faster, even with traffic and sessions up 10%!

Selected Solutions

Custom Development

Magento Migration

Business Strategy

Creative Design

Security & Maintenance

Project Objectives

In order to build and migrate to a new Magento 2 site build during the pandemic’s unprecedented eCommerce boom, Redstage had to both maintain the current Magento 1 site while working on the goals for the new one.

Magento 1 Site Security and Maintenance

The first objective for Jura Inc. was keeping their increasingly important DTC arm running throughout the project, as well as throughout the pandemic. We had to keep the older site running on Magento 1 while we got to work on the new Magento 2 build.


Creative Design

Our award-winning creative team had the task of putting together a style guide and ensuring the branding of the new site met Jura’s expectations. This included new page layouts, designs, and consistent branding in-line with Jura’s needs.

Business Strategy

Throughout Jura’s decade long partnership with Redstage, we provided guidance on the biggest business challenges and roadblocks they’d face along the way. Staying on the older and outdated platform was a bad idea, so Redstage got to work helping Jura plan their upgrade and everything in between.

Custom Development and Implementation

Crucial to Jura’s online DTC business is their custom virtual 1-on-1 product demo booking service, JURA LIVE.

We built this custom demo booking page in Magento 2 to integrate with their live video chat software, so customers can still get the personalized and hands-on experience with Jura products from home.

Magento 2 Development

With a team of Magento-certified experts working around the clock, and while keeping the old site running, Redstage had to develop a new home for not only Jura Coffee, but Capresso as well. The multistore functionality, along with the flexibility and customization of the platform, made Magento 2 the best choice.

Data Migration and Integration

Every product and line of product data from both the Jura Coffee and Capresso stores had to be migrated over to the new instance. Along with this came their ERP integration, Microsoft Navision, order importing, tracking exporting, a Dotmailer integration, and ensuring everything would transfer over to Magento 2 without a hitch.


Seamless Integration and Migration

All of Jura’s integrations were transferred over, either with upgrades to their software or condensing extensions with Magento 2’s native feature set, seamlessly. Combining the two stores onto one instance sped up maintenance, consolidated data, and improves productivity with its ease of use. Magento 2 is a more reliable, stable, and safer platform than it’s predecessor.



Our Creative Team revamped and refreshed Jura and Capresso’s look with modern new life while keeping the same identity and feel of the coffee giant. Jura loved it, citing “The whole team was very impressed, the aesthetic brought the site into the 21st Century. What was important was looking out for what was best for Jura’s needs, which Redstage always does.” 




With the implementation of Jura LIVE, along with the new out-of-the-box features included with Magento 2, Jura Coffee’s customer experiences had gotten some fine-tuning and their customers are very happy. “Customers love the reworked booking system for Jura Live and have been engaging in the video chat to get demos directly from home much more often,” said Bradley Cooper at Jura Inc. 



Winner of a Gold AVA Digital Award in the Custom Web Elements category, Jura LIVE is Jura Coffee’s live, virtual, 1-on-1 product demo booking service. While unable to experience Jura products in person during the pandemic, Jura Coffee uses this system built directly into Magento to allow customers to experience their products online in a revolutionary new way.

Responsive Layout

In 2021, catering to your mobile buyers is just as important as any other buy demographic. We had to ensure Jura’s new website, along with Capresso and Jura LIVE, had a customer experience on mobile that rivaled that of the desktop experience. Jura’s customer base are verifiably happy with the design, the numbers speak for themselves…



On mobile alone, one-month post-launch Jura Coffee saw 55% more traffic on mobile. It was also higher converting traffic: Jura saw a 44% boost to mobile conversion rate with the new design as well.

Personalized service and 100% access to my PM gives me the peace of mind I am looking for. We were a small company that has grown substantially over the last decade, and a huge factor in our success has been the expansion of our DTC revenue through Redstage has been there with us every step of the way.

Bradley Cooper

eCommerce Manager, Jura Inc.

The Value of Long Term Partnership

2017-2018 Growth (M1)

  • 124% Revenue Growth
  • $2.9M In Additional Revenue
  • 25% Transaction Growth
  • 13% AOV Growth

2019-2020 Growth (M2)

  • 54% Revenue Growth
  • 57% Transaction Growth
  • 55% Mobile Traffic Growth
  • 44% Mobile Conversion Rate Growth
  • 10% Traffic and Session Growth

         What’s Next?

3D Models & Augmented Reality

Jura Inc is already in plans to have Redstage develop 3D models of their products for manipulating and viewing online, like the model shown here. 3D models are already becoming a huge investment in retail and CPG, and with Redstage’s help, Jura wants to get ahead of the pack. Jura Inc. is also working with Redstage to allow customers to place Jura Coffee Machines in their homes and view their size and fit in real-time, in Augmented Reality.


Continuous Support

After launching not only their original Magento 1 site but now also their new and improved Magento 2 site, Jura Coffee will remain a Redstage customer and continue their consistent and sustained eCommerce growth. With continued security support and site maintenance, Jura will always have a partner looking out for them.