Over the past few years, Ecommerce sales have been steadily growing causing quite a stir in the retail industry. Companies across the US are trying to find the right balance between the number of physical store they need to operate as well as how much to invest in Ecommerce.

Recently, comScore released a report on Ecommerce sales data in the US, and if that is any indication of what is to come, we will continue to see major growth in the industry. Some of the top Highlights from the report include:

-Top-performing categories were: Apparel & Accessories, Consumer Packaged Goods, Sport & Fitness, Digital Content & Subscriptions, and Home & Garden. Each category grew at least 13% YOY
-Desktop Ecommerce accounted for 11.7% of consumers’ discretionary spending, the highest Q1 share on record
-Of the additional $7.3billion in mobile commerce (m-commerce) smartphone purchases accounting for 62% of sales vs 38% from tablets

The Chart below shows the trend of Ecommerce sales since 2008.

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