Every month we feature a new partner on this blog. This month we’re introducing Springbot and their ecommerce marketing robotics platform.

Springbot is a Magento Gold partner that delivers an eCommerce marketing platform to small & medium merchants. Their SaaS offering integrates and makes simple the data, content and multi-channel marketing tools (social, online, mobile, email) merchants need to drive more traffic, conversions and overall revenue. Springbot helps eCommerce SMBs grow their revenue by taking smarter, data-driven marketing actions.

Springbot is passionate about helping small and medium ecommerce merchants grow their businesses. We deliver an eCommerce marketing platform to help merchants tackle the “eCommerce challenge” – combining the power of marketing automation and marketing analytics to deliver their Marketing Robotics™ service.
Springbot will be attending the Magento Imagine conference at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas as a Silver Sponsor. The will also host a lunch event (date to be confirmed) for merchants, partners and prospects.

Important Results

Country Club Prep –

  • Increased site traffic by automating abandoned cart retargeting
  • Launched targeted email based on customer demographics
  • Used trackable links to better analyze which products generated more traffic and dollars

Click here for the full Country Club Prep case study

First Aid Safety –

  • ROI of 112%
  • Over 300 product content recommendations taken
  • Increased online sales by 3X in 6 months

Click here for the full First Aid Safety case study

Springbot has recently launched their Partner Program, providing quality benefits and services that expand and enhance the functionality of their marketing automation and marketing analytics platform. For more information check out their partner page: http://www.springbot.com/springbot-partner-program/

In addition, Springbot has just launched a new ‘Holiday Marketing Assessment’ for new customers who sign up for a free trial. The assessment is designed to help stores move into 2014 with a better understanding of how their store, demographic and performance data performed from 11/1-12/31 from 2012 to 2013. Click here for more information on the Holiday Marketing Assessment.

For more information and to request a demo, email: sales@springbot.com