Running a successful ecommerce website is tough, but not beyond your reach. These 7 tips will help you stand out and help increase your conversions, making you more money!

1. Daily/Weekly Deals – You’ve probably seen tons of these types of sites popping up around the net in recent years. There’s a reason – they sell! Capitalize on people’s tendency toward impulse purchases and add a Daily or Weekly deal category to your site. Create a newsletter and let your customers know when a new deal is up.

2. Make your cart stand out – a lot of websites try to hide away the cart links for a sleeker design, but this may actually hurt your conversion more than anything. Remember, you want the customer to purchase the items they add to their cart, not just forget that it’s even there.

3. Show your Stock – If a customer thinks that you have an unlimited quantity of a certain product available, they’ll be less inclined to purchase right away. Displaying stock levels, especially when they are low, will create a sense of urgency and likely turn a customer’s browsing and abandonment of your site to a conversion so they don’t miss out on the product that they want.

4. The Power of Free Shipping – One of the biggest drawbacks of shopping online is having to pay for shipping. Incentivize your customers to purchase by offering free shipping on your site. You can set a minimum order amount to earn free shipping (say $50-100, depending on the type of products you sell) which will increase your average order value in addition to increasing the number of orders placed on your site.

5. Spend money on good product photography – Another downside of shopping online is not being able to get a great look at the item you want to buy. Help your customers out by spending the money on good product photography. If you sell clothes, get some people to model the clothes for your product shots so the customers can see how they fit. The more a customer detail about the product can get from your listing page, the more likely they are to purchase (and less likely they are to want to return the product due to buyer’s remorse).

6. Invest in Search – You want to help your customers find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Part of this is your product and category set up, but a big part of helping your customers find what they need is going to be having a good search on your site. There are plenty of options out there, so do your research and invest in the best one that your company can afford at the time. Any enhancement here will be worth it even if you’ll need to upgrade again down the road.

7. Build Trust – If you’re not familiar with what a trust logo is, it is an image on your site which lets the customer know that they are safe shopping on your site; this can be credit card company logos, a logo from your SSL certificate issuer or even a badge that says you are an authorized seller for specific brands on your site. Buying online is scary for a lot of people, so anything that builds trust in your company will do a lot to help increase your sales.

These tips should help boost your site sales pretty quickly. Want to know more? Give us a shout!