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Magento Security and Access: Top Tips from Magento Experts

Magento websites are under constant threat from hackers, fraud, and legal action, making it difficult for merchants to keep up. In this webinar, experts in Magento security, fraud, and ADA compliance team-up to share case studies from Fortune 500 brands and give you insights that can save your store from expensive damages.

In this webinar, experts in Magento Security, Fraud, and ADA Compliance will discuss:
○ ADA Compliance: what it means and why it’s important.
○ Types of fraud, such as chargebacks and unauthorized card use.
○ Types of chargebacks and how to approach each.
○ Fraud prevention and the steps you can take to recover.
○ Revenue leakage.
○ The importance of a safe & frictionless customer experience.
○ Magento 1 “end of life” and related risks.
○ Examples of all of these through first-hand experiences and case studies.

○ Donald Pingaro, Marketing Manager at Redstage (Moderator)
○ Peter Webster, Partner Manager at Signifyd
○ Brendan Lorentz, Sr. Partner Manager at SiteImprove
○ Scott Wueschinski, Sr. Technical Product Director, Digital Technologies at Suez Water Technologies

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