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5 AR Experiences Driving eCommerce Growth

Join Redstage’s Global Creative Director Chris Yin and Shopify’s Product Manager of AR/VR Jon Wade for the most interactive webinar of all time! Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • 1. Test powerful AR eCommerce experiences from your phone during the webinar!
  • 2. Engage with Augmented Reality experts from Redstage and Shopify in a live Q&A.
  • 3. Walk-through dozens of powerful AR use cases from leading online merchants.
  • 4. Discover which 5 industries stand to win the most business with AR sales features and why.
  • 5. Understand the strategies around Augmented Reality for in-store, at-home, and B2B buying. 6. Get the facts about AR implementation and how to apply AR for your business

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