Jura Coffee

Jura Coffee

A Powerful Partnership with Long-Term Success

Jura Coffee has been a Redstage client since 2015 and has seen consistent upward growth throughout their eCommerce journey. Utilizing the Magento (Adobe Commerce) platform, the Coffee Machine manufacturer is continuing this growth trajectory through innovation, optimization, and the right agency by their side.

A Long-Standing Relationship


For the better part of a decade, Jura Coffee and Redstage have been building a partnership driven by results and backed by trust, forging a path to eCommerce growth and success that only a team with deep experience and knowledge in Magento (Adobe Commerce) & eCommerce can provide. After launching their Capresso brand together, Jura continues to see massive success through their eCommerce channels, to the tune of:

50% Revenue Growth in the past year, 65% increase in gross sales, consistent transaction volume and conversion rate growth year over year, and more!

Keep scrolling down to follow the journey from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and onto constant improvements on the underlying platform, Jura is becoming a leading pioneer in eCommerce innovation. 

So, how did they do it?…

A Magento Build and Migration





A New Site on a New Platform

Jura Coffee began their eCommerce journey by migrating the company’s original site, as well as their Capresso brand onto Magento 1 together. This transformation gave the Coffee Manufacturing juggernaut:

  • more freedom to scale
  • more customizability to give their customers a tailored experience
  • more flexibility with integrations and technologies
  • to really supercharge their DTC eCommerce arm.



Scaling with Magento 2

After seeing great success with their Magento 1 eCommerce operations, Jura re-enlisted Redstage to migrate their site from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This included migrating all their data and customers, giving the site a fresh, new, mobile responsive design and installing a wealth of new, custom features to give their customers unique experiences. Ensuring the site was stable, secure, and ready for a new look and feel, we launched in 2020 to more major growth and successes.

Results of the Magento 1 Build

One year post launch, Jura Coffee saw these results from their initial Magento 1 Build:


  • 124% Revenue Growth
  • $2.9M in Added Revenue
  • 25% Transaction Volume Growth
  • 13% AOV Growth



Results of the Magento 2 Migration

Since launching their newly designed and mobile-friendly Magento 2 site, Jura saw even more major growth than ever before:


  • 54% Revenue Growth
  • 57% Transaction Growth
  • 55% Mobile Traffic Growth
  • 44% Mobile Conversion Rate Growth

Post Magento 2





Jura LIVE is Jura Coffee’s live, virtual, 1-on-1 product demo booking service. Built in 2020, this web element won a Gold AVA Digital Award in the Custom Web Elements category, While unable to experience Jura products in person during the pandemic, Jura Coffee uses this system built directly into Magento to allow customers to experience their products online in a revolutionary new way.









Demo this interactive 3D model, just like the ones we implemented on Jura’s site.

Augmented Reality and 3D Modeling


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jura Coffee found it difficult to give customers the in-store experience at home. With JURA Live giving customers a way to get demos of machines at home, the Augmented Reality and 3D Model implementation allowed customers further freedom in experiencing Jura’s products online.


Being able to see the fit and shape of the machines at home, see dimensions and feature annotations, and move and open the various parts gives customers much more confidence in the products. Product confidence and experience were paramount to Jura Coffee, and this implementation has seen amazing results.



Help from our Friends at Signifyd!


Signifyd protects shopper journeys globally with technology that recognizes the identity and intent behind every payment, restoring trust between merchants and customers.

With our Guarantee Fraud Protection Solution, we are allowing Jura Coffee to fearlessly run their business knowing they have a partner in Signifyd that will help manage their fraud.


Approval Rate ~99.3%

Chargeback rate ~0.04%

Hear what the JURA team has to say!

Personalized service and 100% access to my PM gives me the peace of mind I am looking for. We were a small company that has grown substantially over the last decade, and a huge factor in our success has been the expansion of our DTC revenue through shopjura.com. Redstage has been there with us every step of the way.

Bradley Cooper

Sr. eCommerce Manager, Jura Inc.


Magento 1 Build


Post Magento 1 Build, Jura Coffee saw huge results from the beginning of their eCommerce journey:


  • 124% Revenue Growth
  • $2.9M in Added Revenue
  • 25% Transaction Volume Growth
  • 13% AOV Growth

Magento 2 Migration


Looking to scale, Jura migrated onto the Magento 2 platform. The new site saw huge growth:


  • 54% Revenue Growth
  • 57% Transaction Growth
  • 55% Mobile Traffic Growth
  • 44% Mobile Conversion Rate Growth

Post-M2 Optimizations


With constant additions to the site utilizing the Magento 2 platform, like AR, 3D Models, and more, Jura has seen:


  • 65% increase in gross sales for AR and 3D enabled product
  • 15% lift in Conversion Rate post-AR implementation
  • 21% boost in Transactions
  • 36% increase in Average Order Value

What’s Next

New Features, Optimizations, and More!

Jura Coffee is continuously pioneering new ways for customers to experience their products online. Stay tuned for more new features to enhance this experience, continuous optimizations and updates to the site, and more from the Jura team as we continue our eCommerce partnership. Check out more from their site here and follow them on social media to stay in the loop!