Teaneck, NJ – May 25, 2012

Celebros Inc., the global leader in site search, navigation, merchandizing and conversion technologies, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Redstage Networks, an e-Commerce agency that specializes in Magento, to provide the ConversionPro V8 suite of Conversion Technologies to their Magento clients helping to dramatically increase conversion rates while providing a boost to the overall shopping experience.

Redstage Networks, a New Jersey based leading e-commerce solutions agency, specializes in working with the Magento eCommerce platform. Купите стразы в Москве. стразы, купить стразы в москве Стразы по доступным ценам. Having worked on over 150 Magento projects, Redstage is the most advanced and experienced agency in the industry.

At Redstage, were very passionate about delivering the right technologies to our clients, said Adam Morris, CEO of Redstage Networks. There are so many tools and systems available to businesses now. Our clients rely on us to have the knowledge and experience to make them a world class competitor. A brilliant system like ConversionProV8 that simultaneously improves user experience and instantly improves the bottom line is a no brainer for any Magento customer.

“Magento has provided the tools to developers and strategic industry partners to build the best e-Commerce platform and experience available. Our partnership with Redstage will enable merchants to realize untapped sources of revenue and empower their customers to find the products they want with ease using their own language,” said Ofer Alt, CEO of Celebros. “As a Magento Enterprise Partner, we’re focused on advancing this evolution and partnering with Redstage Networks. This will allow Celebros to rapidly grow and provide the ConversionPro V8 suite of Conversion Technologies to even more users of the Magento platform. The Celebros hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that makes a difference to hundreds of top online-shops globally, dramatically simplifies implementation and lowers the barriers to benefit from the cutting edge search and merchandising capabilities.”

“Site-search technology can affect the majority of a store’s traffic, making a critical impact on the store’s performance,” Roy Rubin, CEO and Founder of Magento said. “Celebros has further created the toolset for our Solution Partners to effectively integrate site-search with merchandizing, navigation, reviews, ratings, and other compelling content into a unique shopping experience.”

About Redstage Networks

Redstage Networks, a leading eCommerce solutions agency, specializes in working with the Magento eCommerce platform. They are a firm that operates by accomplished business and marketing professionals and backed by a team of creative and computer science gurus. Their passion is for their eCommerce sites to look beautiful and function flawlessly but also have exceptional conversion rates. Redstage Networks is truly enthusiastic about what they accomplish every day, and they enjoy working with clients that demand excellence and are equally passionate about their business. http://www.redstagenetworks.com

About Magento

Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform with over 225 solution providers, 100,000 merchants and brands worldwide and a host of Industry Partners that create applications and extensions for the Magento platform. Magento is a feature-rich, professional Open Source eCommerce platform solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Based in Los Angeles, Magento is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial organization dedicated to the mission of enabling the eCommerce ecosystem. http://www.magentocommerce.com

About Celebros

Celebros, Inc. is the global leader in e-Commerce site-search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers. Celebros revolutionized e-Commerce by creating intelligent, concept-based search for online retailers. Since that time, Celebros has emerged as the industry leader in conversion technologies, developing a patented cutting edge search solution that employs the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology available. Celebros is the only provider of conversion technologies that is available in seven languages. Celebros customers include over 400 e-Commerce retailers and merchants in eleven countries, including the United States, Europe and Asia. A number of these are among Internet Retailers Top 100/500 companies. The privately held Celebros is headquartered in northern New Jersey, with offices in California, Israel, London, Munich and Paris. For more information, please visit http://www.celebros.com, follow Celebros on Twitter at http://twitter.com/celebrossearch or Like Us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Celebros/216298918455932