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  • Performed a thorough conversion audit
  • Redesigned and redeveloped the theme
  • Ongoing support and bug fixes
  • Added Amazon Payments to the store
  • Multiple SUPEE patches and security fixes

Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors has supplied meat to restaurants and hotels for almost a century.  The Company came to Redstage with a few major issues and our team triaged and fixed them right away.  One of the first items our consulting team wanted to tackle was performing a conversion audit to optimize the user experience throughout the site to increase the conversion rate and sales from existing traffic.  This resulted in a full redesign of the homepage which the Redstage design worked closely with the Pat LaFrieda team and totally knocked out of the park.

We’re lucky to still support the growth efforts of their store and continue to implement ongoing optimizations.

Pro tip: If you ever get a chance to try their signature burgers, take it from us – they’re fantastic!

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