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  • Over 30 niche sites and one main authority site all automated and managed by one Magento installation and admin
  • Custom dual level, multiple top navigation bars (whole site and niche) to more easily navigate a huge catalog of products
  • Advanced AJAX cart, sign-in and navigation to dramatically speed up the shopping experience
  • Integrated product videos
  • Social Networking integration
  • Automated Category landing pages highlighting top sellers and new promotions
OVERVIEW, previously a subsidiary of Iron Stop Inc, was created to conquer niches in the outdoor living space one at a time.  The company strives to offer customers the best possible value in furnishing an outdoor living space.  To conquer the space, Outdoor Living has launched over 30 niche sites and growing, all managed by one Magento installation.  The company also aggressively pursues modern user experience and conversion techniques.

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