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  • Implemented Amazon Checkout – “Pay with Amazon”
  • Training, assisting with importing products
  • Ongoing Daily Support on Various Issues and Fixes
  • Strategy Team works Closely to Provide Advice and Consulting

“Founded in 1999, Netaya has grown to be one of leading online destinations for fine jewelry. Over the years, millions of jewelry lovers have come to Netaya to shop our affordable and dazzling jewelry collections.”

Netaya came to Redstage like many others, with problems that no one else could fix. Since our engagement starting in the Summer of 2014, Redstage has closed over 100 tickets as of April 2015. On top of that, the store has seen a 13% increase in conversion rate.

Specific tasks include all types of troubleshooting and bug fixing, new site enhancements, adding extensions and improving the user experience

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