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  • 52.44% increase in AOV – Average Order Value up Q1 2016 vs Q1 2015
  • 94.15% increase in revenue – Q1 2016 vs Q1 2015
  • Launched Custom RSDS – Rapid Store Deployment System launches new stores with ease!

Buckwear, a retail clothing company foudned in 1992, came to Redstage with some general support issues and optimization requests.  Over time, Redstage was tasked with building a new theme for a secondary store along with a solution for the business to launch more stores without advanced developer involvement and at a reduced cost.

Redstage started working with Buckwear in November, 2014.  Their flagship site had some bugs and core hacks that were fixed right away.  Over time, the codebase of was stabalized and store was running smoothly.

Buckwear had a unique requirement in which they wanted to launch niche stores as quickly as possible.  These would all use the same base theme, but allow for their own team to do a bulk if not all of the customization before launching the store.

Redstage built a Rapid Store Deployment System (RSDS), which does just that!  With only a few clicks, the Buckwear team can create a new theme and edit the regions needed to create the new brand store.

This custom module will save Buckwear countless hours of development and allow them to grow as fast as possible!

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