UPDATE March 27, 2015: eCommHub have rebranded as HubLogix and can now be found at hublogix.com.

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Each month we feature a new partner on our Blog as part of our Partner of the Month Series. This month, we’re proud to feature eCommHub, a company who is transforming backend automation technology.

eCommHub founder, Kurt Heinrich, started his first online retail store over 10 years ago. As his business grew, he labored to find an existing technology solution to help solve his backend problems (inventory management, order routing, shipment tracking, etc.). He quickly found that the options available to him weren’t going to cut it: point solutions helped solve only part of the problem and custom-built enterprise solutions were specifically designed (and priced) for only the largest businesses.

It was this frustration with the offerings available that sparked Kurt’s idea to create eCommHub.

 Today, eCommHub is dedicated to providing a great technology platform for backend system automation backed up by spectacular client support and ruthlessly efficient pricing. Ecommerce is undergoing a radical transformation – a democratization that can enable any online retailer to build, scale and win.

“Leveling the playing field so that the best – not always the biggest – store wins; that’s what gets us out of the bed in the morning” – Kurt Heinrich

eCommHub is the fastest, most flexible way to integrate your back office, no matter how your business operates. They bring efficiency to ecommerce businesses tangled up in the management of complex back office operations. The growing myriad of storefronts, marketplaces, fulfillment centers and more create massive opportunities – and massive complexity for online retailers. eCommHub brings order to the chaos.

eCommHub has created a cloud-based platform to automate the entire ecommerce Order Lifecycle – inventory management, order routing, shipment tracking and more – to scale and manage the complexities of any fulfillment scenario without the high costs of custom software implementation.

Whether you have one storefront or multiple marketplaces, your own warehouse and multiple dropshippers or you’ve got fulfillment centers across the globe – eCommHub  will integrate with all of your partners, channels, and storefronts.

“We’ve had clients come to us saying it takes them an average of 12-15 minutes per order just ensure that it is routed, fulfilled, and tracked properly” adds Heinrich. “With eCommhub, we automate those steps with speed, flexibility and reliability through our platform.”

See what some of their customers have to say about eCommHub:

“eCommHub completely automates our back-office and gives us a sustainable foundation to scale our business with.” – Outdoor Lighting Supply

“eCommHub has made the connection between our Shopify storefront and our logistical backend a seamless flow of information.  The hands-on customer service has allowed us to focus on what matters most to us: growing our business.  We truly believe this!” – Samantha Nelson, The Mason Shaker

“Our business simply would not be able to function without eCommHub. Without them we’d be chasing inventory, orders and losing track of shipment statuses (and our minds).” – Bestowed

“A gamechanger. It has streamlined our operations for order routing and fulfillment. We’re finally past the manual processing nightmare and can now devote time towards growth.” – Coin Supply Planet

“eCommHub gives us confidence in knowing we’re doing all we can to ensure consistency and accuracy with our back office operations.” – CKEParts

Ready to feel the power of Order Lifecycle automation? Retailers can sign up for a complimentary, no obligation trial by visiting ecommhub.com or calling 877-674-7497.