Case Study


As one of Redstage’s long standing clients, Jura has partnered with Redstage on a variety of projects, ranging from website redesigns to new builds and continues to receive ongoing support. A partner since 2015, Jura has seen unprescendented growth, including but not limited to the latest numbers listed in this growth study. The relationship between the two companies is marked by collaboration, dedication to craft, and unparalleled response-time.


  • Launched a brand new store (design & development) for two brands
  • Implemented responsive design for mobile friendliness
  • The result was a 124% growth in the entire U.S. operation in 2015.
  • Ongoing support for many years resulting in unprecedented growth in US division year over year

93% increase in US Operations from 2015 - 2017

Over the past 3 years, Redstage and Jura's partnership has yielded a massive revenue boost in the US operations

25% increase in sales & 13% lift in average order value

67% increase in sales projected for 2018!

As a result of constant collaboration, support, and the launch of Jura Live, Jura predicts a 67% increase for 2018.

The Story

Jura, an industry leading Swiss coffee appliance manufacturer, came to Redstage with limited eCommerce capabilities and two out-of-date sites that they felt did not accurately represent their brand. Redstage designed and developed new, custom, responsive Magento Enterprise stores for both the Jura and Capresso brands. The result was a 124% growth in the entire U.S. operation in 2015.

A full three years after initiating their partnership with Redstage, Jura continues to see success in eCommerce. Over their lifetime with Redstage, Jura's U.S. operation has fourished, growing an additional $2.9M in revenue since 2015, resulting in part from a 25% increase in sales and a 13% lift in average order value in 2017. Jura expects 2018 to hold even more promise, projecting a 67% increase in sales for the year ahead alone.

Client Reaction

Chris Schertl
Ecommerce Manager, Jura

How has it been working with Redstage

"It’s been awesome! You’re constantly suggesting new add-ons and helpful extensions, making fixes in a timely manner. With Jura Live, we added over $300K in sales. We could not have done it without you, so I’d say it’s going very well.”

What do you think of Magento's Platform?

The more you get used to it, you see how user-friendly and straightforward it is. It’s just a matter of finding out where things are, but it’s quite a useful tool for us.