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HiConversion is the next-gen way to grow eCommerce revenues from existing web traffic. It is the first and the only adaptive path-to-purchase experience optimization platform that fully integrates analytics, testing, personalization, and artificial intelligence. Unlike conventional solutions that assume historic data provides certainty about future visitors’ reactions, HiConversion’s solution is built for dynamic eCommerce, where there is no certainty about future visitor behavior. Self-learning algorithms stage buying experiences that adapt to visitor preferences in real time. HiConversion ‘downplays’ non-performing experiences and ‘overplays’ performing experiences to achieve sustainable revenue growth while removing the risk of experimentation. By comparing multiple data sets, HiConversion uncovers profitable audiences and unique visitor preferences. This results in more profitable visitor engagement. HiConversion is your competitive advantage, allowing you to adapt to visitor preferences to deliver the right experiences, to the right audiences, at the right time.