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Redstage Announces Partnership with Akeneo!

Redstage Announces Partnership with Akeneo!


We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Akeneo, a leading provider of product information management (PIM) software.

About Akeneo

Akeneo is a fast-growing software company that offers an open source PIM (Product Information Management) solution that dramatically simplifies catalog management processes. Akeneo PIM makes it is easy for B2B and B2C retailers and brands in any market to collect data from any source, enrich and control the quality of product information, and distribute it to multiple channels such as e-commerce, mobile, print, and points of sale. As Redstage’s latest industry partner, the two companies plan to strategically align initiatives to maximize value for online merchants.

The Product

While many eCommerce companies start out managing their product information with spreadsheets, they soon find out this method is unsustainable, but only when it’s too late. When trying to scale, companies find it difficult to properly manage an ocean of spreadsheets across sites, brands and more. This inevitably leads to a perpetuating, toxic cycle of improper product information being shown to customers, leading to a boatload of issues.

Unlike spreadsheets, the Akeneo PIM is custom built for managing product info across websites, eCommerce platforms, print catalogs, points of sale, mobile apps and more. As a result, the companies that switch from spreadsheets to the Akeneo PIM report a 50% increase in productivity, 30% increase in data quality, four times as many conversions, a faster time to market and lastly, lower return rates.

A Strategic Partnership

As a technology-forward eCommerce company, the Redstage team is on a constant search for the latest and best tech to simplify and streamline our clients’ processes. We look forward to working with the Akeneo team and sharing the incredible advantages of their platform with our clients.

Learn more at or read their latest white paper on optimizing product value through PIM.

Streamline Your Shipping and Fulfillment with ShipStation

Streamline Your Shipping and Fulfillment with ShipStation

We are thrilled to be a part of the ShipStation solution provider program! ShipStation is the leading shipping software that is entirely web-based. They offer support for any web browser as well as Android and iOS devices (free native apps!), regardless of screen size. With support for Magento, Shopify and 150 more carts, ShipStation allows you to ship however you want on nearly any ecommerce platform available.

Not only does ShipStation offer advanced shipping controls, there are also sophisticated automation features to save time during fulfillment processes. The automated functionality as well as the screen views, user permissions and more allow you to customize ShipStation to your own needs and to fit your process.

Ever since our first demonstration of the ShipStation system, we were excited to recommend it to our clients.

For more information and to try ShipStation for free, visit today!

Partner of the Month – Rejoiner

Partner of the Month – Rejoiner

rejoiner_pom Each month we feature a new partner on our Blog as part of our Partner of the Month Series. This month, we’re featuring Rejoiner a company who is helping businesses combat cart abandonment one email at a time.

Rejoiner is a 6-person team based in Boston, MA that focuses on solving one very specific (albeit massively important) problem for eCommerce companies: shopping cart abandonment. The company was founded in 2010 and currently serves just over 300 online retailers & eCommerce companies. They have particular strengths in serving consumer electronics, ticketing, automotive & cosmetics companies.

Rejoiner has created a cart abandonment email platform for online retailers that turns abandoned checkout forms into actionable intelligence. The core of the product revolves around tracking cart abandonment in real-time and it helps retailers leverage that data to trigger highly personalized email campaigns to re-engage lost customers.

 Rejoiner can tell you where customers drop out of the checkout process, how far they made it on your checkout form, what was in their cart at the time of abandonment & measures your cart abandonment rate by the minute.

 Most importantly, Rejoiner can recoup 10-15% of the revenue lost to cart abandonment on a monthly basis. As a secondary benefit, their campaigns yield rich qualitative data from cart abandoners about what caused them to abandon in the first place. Their clients take the feedback from this very important constituency of customers (those that were so close to buying) and they use it to improve their checkout funnels by addressing customer concerns more proactively.

Rejoiner recently collaborated with Redstage to launch a cart abandonment email campaign for Pixi Beauty, a world renowned cosmetics brand. You can download the case study here. The campaign has yielded a 43x ROI for Pixi and continues to “rejoin” 15-20% of cart abandoners on a monthly basis.

 Other case studies about Rejoiner and their clients’ success have been published by Internet Retailer, Retail TouchPoints and on their blog.

 To find more information about Rejoiner, visit their website or call 855-473-5646 ext. 1 and a real person will be happy to chat with you about starting a Rejoiner campaign on your site.

Partner of the Month – eCommHub

Partner of the Month – eCommHub

UPDATE March 27, 2015: eCommHub have rebranded as HubLogix and can now be found at

Read more:

Each month we feature a new partner on our Blog as part of our Partner of the Month Series. This month, we’re proud to feature eCommHub, a company who is transforming backend automation technology.

eCommHub founder, Kurt Heinrich, started his first online retail store over 10 years ago. As his business grew, he labored to find an existing technology solution to help solve his backend problems (inventory management, order routing, shipment tracking, etc.). He quickly found that the options available to him weren’t going to cut it: point solutions helped solve only part of the problem and custom-built enterprise solutions were specifically designed (and priced) for only the largest businesses.

It was this frustration with the offerings available that sparked Kurt’s idea to create eCommHub.

 Today, eCommHub is dedicated to providing a great technology platform for backend system automation backed up by spectacular client support and ruthlessly efficient pricing. Ecommerce is undergoing a radical transformation – a democratization that can enable any online retailer to build, scale and win.

“Leveling the playing field so that the best – not always the biggest – store wins; that’s what gets us out of the bed in the morning” – Kurt Heinrich

eCommHub is the fastest, most flexible way to integrate your back office, no matter how your business operates. They bring efficiency to ecommerce businesses tangled up in the management of complex back office operations. The growing myriad of storefronts, marketplaces, fulfillment centers and more create massive opportunities – and massive complexity for online retailers. eCommHub brings order to the chaos.

eCommHub has created a cloud-based platform to automate the entire ecommerce Order Lifecycle – inventory management, order routing, shipment tracking and more – to scale and manage the complexities of any fulfillment scenario without the high costs of custom software implementation.

Whether you have one storefront or multiple marketplaces, your own warehouse and multiple dropshippers or you’ve got fulfillment centers across the globe – eCommHub  will integrate with all of your partners, channels, and storefronts.

“We’ve had clients come to us saying it takes them an average of 12-15 minutes per order just ensure that it is routed, fulfilled, and tracked properly” adds Heinrich. “With eCommhub, we automate those steps with speed, flexibility and reliability through our platform.”

See what some of their customers have to say about eCommHub:

“eCommHub completely automates our back-office and gives us a sustainable foundation to scale our business with.” – Outdoor Lighting Supply

“eCommHub has made the connection between our Shopify storefront and our logistical backend a seamless flow of information.  The hands-on customer service has allowed us to focus on what matters most to us: growing our business.  We truly believe this!” – Samantha Nelson, The Mason Shaker

“Our business simply would not be able to function without eCommHub. Without them we’d be chasing inventory, orders and losing track of shipment statuses (and our minds).” – Bestowed

“A gamechanger. It has streamlined our operations for order routing and fulfillment. We’re finally past the manual processing nightmare and can now devote time towards growth.” – Coin Supply Planet

“eCommHub gives us confidence in knowing we’re doing all we can to ensure consistency and accuracy with our back office operations.” – CKEParts

Ready to feel the power of Order Lifecycle automation? Retailers can sign up for a complimentary, no obligation trial by visiting or calling 877-674-7497.

Partner of the Month – Signifyd

Partner of the Month – Signifyd


Each month we feature a new partner on our Blog as part of our Partner of the Month Series. This month, we’re proud to feature Signifyd, a fellow Magento Partner, who is helping companies of all sizes save time combating fraud easily and effectively.

Signifyd is a team of payments industry veterans who share two things: a passion for solving hard problems, and a commitment to customer excellence. The company was started to take the hassle out of dealing with fraud while running an online store, so e-commerce businesses can focus on what they do best: making and selling their goods online. Signifyd is comprised of brilliant minds from companies like PayPal, FedEx, SilverTail Systems (now RSA) and Fraud Sciences who created the tools and processes that they use to catch fraudsters, and that process has evolved with Signifyd.

Signifyd turns customer data into Intelligence by connecting the dots between the offline identity of the user with their online persona. 120+ indicators from sources such as Social, Devices, IP Geo-location, Proxies, Customer History, BIN, Blacklists, Velocity, Search Engines and Public Records are used to determine the validity of a transaction and the identities represented in that transaction. Signifyd knows how to interpret a user’s digital footprint and bridge the gap between Online and Offline Identity. And they know how to do it without creating friction for legitimate users.

Signifyd serves customers of every size, from merchants with under $100k in annual sales to some of the biggest names in eCommerce like the Home Shopping Network, and  With a broad range of customers and skill sets, Signifyd also sees a broad range of needs, though the majority of their successes with customers fall into three main categories: reduce fraud, increase order acceptance, and streamline the manual review process. 

A customer like, who already had an eCommerce fraud suite in place when it started using Signifyd, still finds tremendous value in the context that Signifyd can provide to its transactions.  By analyzing the connections between transactional data elements, Signifyd has helped Wayfair reduce chargebacks significantly over the tools already being used, and flagged fewer transactions in the process. Fewer incorrectly flagged transactions along with minimized fraud losses means better performance at both the top and bottom lines for Wayfair.  Signifyd is happy to be a part of the team that has helped Wayfair grow beyond $1 billion in annual sales.

Another interesting use case for Signifyd is  Like a lot of companies selling goods online, Petflow had an aggressive challenge and review process to help minimize the threat of fraud.  Additionally, any incorrectly blocked transactions negatively impacted revenue and thus the customer experience., named the #1 Social Commerce Company by Internet Retailer last year, turned to Signifyd to help streamline its decision process while still keeping fraud rates in an acceptable range.

Since deploying Signifyd, has maintained a 90% reduction in chargebacks and a 90% reduction in time spent manually reviewing cases vs. its previous tools.  Because of the accuracy of Signifyd’s risk engine, Petflow can safely accept more orders, flagging only those transactions that really are risky.  More happy customers means more business for

You can always find Signifyd at, but you can find them at major industry events, too.  Signifyd is a Magento Silver Industry Partner and just got back from their excellent Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas in May, and also recently exhibited at IRCE in Chicago.  Signifyd is a perennial Merchant Risk Council (MRC) attendee and METAward winner for most innovative company. You can also check out their Magento Extension on

Partner of the Month – eBridge Connections

Partner of the Month – eBridge Connections


Every month, we feature a new partner on our Blog as part of our Partner of the Month series. This month, we’re featuring eBridge Connections, a company who is helping small to medium-sized businesses connect their accounting systems to their ecommerce sites.

eBridge Connections powers the #1 cloud-based accounting integration platform for small to medium-sized businesses. Their universal platform eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically integrating data between a company’s accounting / ERP package and their eCommerce marketplaces, EDI trading partners, and CRM applications. eBridge Connections is a Magento Bronze Industry Partner and has delivered many successful Magento integration solutions.

eBridge Connections supports over 40 accounting / ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, Netsuite, Intuit, and many more. With pre-built connections to 20+ eCommerce marketplaces, over 1,000 EDI trading partners and the leading CRM applications, eBridge solutions connect to and automates vital business processes so companies can focus on what they do best.

ePortal is their cloud solution that takes the complexity out of data exchange and integration of business processes. All inbound data that enters the ePortal is transformed for distribution, display, storage, and integration. ePortal requires no on-premise software, can be deployed in minutes, and is very easy to manage and maintain. Key benefits of the ePortal include:

  • A single interface to manage all of the data connections that exist between your marketplaces and accounting / ERP system
  • Community tested business rules replace the need for mapping
  • Integration is simplified and costly data entry errors are eliminated

eBridge Connections has over 20 years of experience in the accounting software integration industry. They were founded in 1993 by current CEO Colin Brown and are based in Burlington, ON.

Each integration solution is installed by a team of three implementation experts. The team installs the product remotely as well as demonstrates how it works and answers any questions pertaining to the solution. Annual service plans include telephone and email support from their helpdesk team. Their staff is knowledgeable in everything from how the product works to troubleshooting of custom business rules and mappings. As your business grows, eBridge will work with you to update your solution as needed. eBridge Connections is dedicated to supporting their clients for the long run.

For more information about eBridge Connections and exploring their solution, you can build your own accounting integration blueprint, request a demo, or call them at 1-800-755-6921. eBridge Connections will be attending IRCE 2014 in Chicago from June 10-12. Interested parties can stop by Booth 2113 or schedule a meeting by emailing [email protected].