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Getting More Traffic To Your Site, an Online Marketing Primer

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst online business owners is, "How do I get more TRAFFIC to my site?". You might have the greatest business, best prices, friendliest customer service, but if no one can find your store, you won't get any sales. It's the same principle as if you had a restaurant. [...]

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  • Selling & Upselling With Behavioral Psychology

Selling & Upselling with Psychology & Human Behavior

Ted.com is one of my favorite websites ever. The entire site is filled with some of the most interesting, captivating, thought provoking and mind blowing presentations from the world's top geniuses and experts. I highly recommend clicking around Ted.com and learning something... I recently watched this particular video called, "Are we in control of our [...]

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Magento's Vision for Open Source eCommerce

This is an old video of Roy Ruben from Varien talking about his vision of open source eCommerce and Magento. It was shot almost 3 years ago and shows the motivations of the company behind the system. I first saw this over at TechCrunch's article about Magento's Funding. The best part of that article is [...]

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How to Spy On Your Website Visitors with Clicktale

How would you like to spy on your website visitors? Would it be useful to see visitor behavior, detailed down to mouse movement? The answer is YES! The site is called Clicktale. I made a quick video about the system, and how to get the free version. There's a link to the site below the [...]

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Magento (Varien) Raises $22.5 Million In Equity Funding

Great News! There's a buzz around the open source community that there was regulatory filing that shows that Varien, the company that provides the Magento E-commerce Platform, raised $22.5 Million! I tracked the story back to socalTech.com (link) who first reported the news. Here at Redstage, this is very exciting. We are huge fans of [...]

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Finding Link Partners Ninja Trick SEO Lesson

This is an extremely easy and useful way to find a ton of targeted and relevant places to get links to your site. Linking is the most important off-site SEO element and this video shows you how to use StumbleUpon to find a nearly endless amount of linking partners. Here are a few links that [...]

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Tips On How To Quickly Create A Responsive Website

Responsive websites are an absolute must if you want your business to reach a large mobile crowd as well, no matter if they are using their smart TV, tablet, smartphone, or PC. Here at RedStage we have got the ideal training and expertise to help you get the fully responsive sites you need quick and [...]

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