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Redstage Gives Away 30+ Free Magento 1 Extensions!

Redstage Gives Away 30+ Free Magento 1 Extensions!

Free Magento 1 Extensions!

Today Redstage launched the agency’s exclusive extension store, featuring 36 free Magento 1 extensions! Click here to visit the extension store and browse our list of available extensions.

“This is just another example of the value clients can expect from Redstage.”Adam Morris, Redstage CEO

“We’ve built dozens of custom extensions over the course of our 10 years in business. As a thank you to everyone who helped us get this far, we thought we’d release a bunch of them for free. This is just another example of the value clients can expect from Redstage.” Adam Morris, Redstage CEO said of the store launch. “This has been a long-time coming,” CMO & Co-Founder Anthony Latona said, “I’m excited for the new offerings we have to share with Redstage’s clients, both present and future. This is just the first step for what’s in store.”

The Magento 1 store includes a variety of useful extensions, helping merchants beef up their UX, supercharge their shipping, make data-driven product recommendations and more to increase sales. The plugins allow customers to shop by brand, write reviews, navigate stores easier, and calculate shipping. Check out the store to learn more!

The store launch comes as Redstage reaches the half-way point of its 10th year in business (and with Magento’s latest announcement about ending Magento 1 support, pegged for June of 2020). Known for world-class competency in Magento development, Redstage also recently launched an experimental mobile conversion optimization study. Learn more about the study and its surprising results here.

Standing Out from the Crowd: Magento for Fashion

Standing Out from the Crowd: Magento for Fashion


Fashion Week Is Here. What’s Your Strategy?

Maybe you consider yourself a fashionista, though more likely, you’re simply one of a select group of marketers interested in selling to the fashion-frenzied masses. Whatever fuels your passion for your online fashion-lines, keeping customers coming back for that MUST-HAVE statement piece is all that matters.

Online fashion retailers are a dime a dozen, ranging from well respected luxury brands to young designers aspiring to one day join the likes of Marc Jacobs. There’s certainly no shortage of options for would-be trend-setters looking for that perfect outfit, especially since the explosion of re-seller fashion apps like Poshmark and Vinted. However, it’s important to note the massive distinctions between these sides of the spectrum, and reflect on your own identity as a fashion retailer. Unless you’ve got models on the runway in Paris, London or Milan, you’re going to need to step up your style game — starting with your web store.

Be Different

What sets your store apart? What makes you stand out from the crowd? There’s a brief window in time between someone typing your brand name in a search engine and that same customer leaving your site. It’s up to you to have everything set up to ensure they don’t leave empty handed. More than that, if you do it right, this brief sequence of moments can turn into a positive and memorable experience for customers. One that’ll make you their go-to shop for future fashion conquests.

fashion 2

Magento’s Enterprise Edition is transforming ecommerce across the board, but is especially powerful for creating beautiful and accessible shopping experiences. The platform helps you take full advantage of the latest ecommerce strategies to keep your brand growing and give your site a look that turns heads. It grants retailers access to new opportunities to help you stay ahead of the competition, offering strategic digital experiences that enhances and transcend traditional marketing.

Magento’s responsive design is mobility driven, allowing customers to visit your store from any device, from any location. The platform also includes incredible personalization and segmentation features to boost sales growth, and keep customers coming back. On the data side, consumer demographics, location and shopping behavior can be monitored, allowing you to influence the customer journey. Control previews and timing or create an invitation-only sales area for preferred customers only.

Make A Lasting Impression

The team at Maryland My Maryland takes advantage of Magento’s Enterprise edition to offer clients a unique shopping experience. Page after beautiful page loads effortlessly as the subtle yet powerful lead-gen. tactics encourage users to click, sign-up or refer friends. Targeted buying options boost the order value of the store thanks to Magento’s “shop the look” and “complete the look” functionality, and a welcome note offers a kind discount for new visitors (without being intrusive). These features are especially important for increasing user retention, list building, email reminders, conversion data — the list goes on… But remember, what you display on your store has to be eye-catching and worth the visit. After all, you can’t sell glamour without being a little glamourous. This is where Magento’s got your back, yet again, helping the fashion pros stay on their A-game.


The content management side of the software allows you to create look books, add new content, insert images and videos, and even showcase products without requiring the expertise of an IT specialist. Magento’s e-commerce platform guarantees traffic to your online store through its effortless customer journeys and nearly unlimited integrations. Schedule an appointment with us (here) to find out how you can make your online store friendly, trendy and relevant, and leave an impression that stuns the competition.

These are a just some of the benefits of using Magento’s Enterprise Edition. Ask us what it can do for you!

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