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Cloud Architecture: A Close Up of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Cloud Architecture: A Close Up of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

In April of this year, Magento launched its Enterprise Cloud Edition. A Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment designed specifically for Magento 2.0 and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Sounds fancy right? Pretty much! But as an e-commerce merchant I’m sure you’re wondering how you will benefit from this new software and why it’s different from anything you may have currently.

Let’s zoom in a little to look at Magneto’s new baby and its benefits. So what exactly is Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition? Magento themselves describes it as a platform-as-a-service offering that enables rapid deployment of fully customizable, secure, and scalable web storefronts, combined with a leading hosting and managed services infrastructure. Designed to support Magento Enterprise digital commerce software, Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition takes advantage of the architecture and functionality enhancements provided by versions 2.0.5 onward. In simpler terms, the new Cloud Edition enhances Magneto’s Community and Enterprise offerings. Magento enterprise Cloud Edition is hosted; setting up and managing a Magento store is a lot easier for merchants now.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is fully customizable; merchants can now offer customers’ differentiated experiences while they benefit from simplified integration and the ability to respond to changing technology.

The new Cloud Edition also runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS), to the merchants this means that they will always be ready for high volume in demands for their products, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, will no longer be a nightmare and merchants can spend more time optimizing their stores for customers’. The new platform running on AWS ensures that merchants have the capability to respond to a rapidly changing environment, continuously deploy innovations, and not worry about the day-to-day management of infrastructure.

Breaking barriers as the first of its kind in a post software as a service (SaaS) era. It offers customers the benefits of cloud computing usually associated with SaaS solutions but with a highly performaing and scalable PaaS platform.
Magento’s Chief Product Officer, describes the new Cloud Edition as a “game changer.” At the core of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition are an innovative PaaS that enables merchants and their system integration partners to adopt continuous delivery practices by providing best-in-class DevOps, release management and cloud management tools that make deploying, testing, promoting and operating multiple environments rapid, easy and manageable.

For more information about Magento’s Enterprise Cloud Edition visit their website here.