Our clients are extremely important to us and we take their success very seriously. It gives us overwhelming pride to showcase some of the great things that our clients have said in the past.
We were having issues we all the developers we used in the past, communication was poor and any bug fix took days if not weeks to fix. As an ecommerce website, this was costing us a ton of money and making our customers upset.

After looking at many recommended developers we chose Redstage and we could not be more pleased with that choice. Redstage has been able to handle any issue we throw their way and work with us to make sure it is fixed so our customers do not notice anything. They have also been great about proactively making sure our website is always as secure as possible and any security updates are done as soon as they are available.

Working with Redstage has made our lives so much easier and our customers much happier.

Thank you Redstage!

Matt Gilbert, Binding Source, LLC
Our website was outdated, underachieving and needed a considerable overhaul. Redstage was the perfect partner to help us build our brand and drive home our corporate vision. It’s been a pleasure working with the Redstage team now and in the future.
Stephen Cracchiolo, Jura Inc.
We have been with Redstage for a little over two years now and I have to say we are very pleased. Everything from the account and project management to the developers have really been great! In fact, we are in the early stages of working with them to significantly upgrade our website to Magento ver. 2.1.1. I would say that Redstage is well worth the investment and would recommend them to anyon
Byron Nolon Cook, Web Department, Cheap Joe's Art Stuff
We were very cautious when choosing a new web dev company as we not had the greatest experiences. RedStage has taken the trauma out of working with a web development company! They have proven that upgrades and development changes can be done in an organized, responsive and timely manner. The Redstage Team has earned it’s place as a trusted partner not only as Web Developers, but also as part of our Executive Team, with their experience and business support advice and input. A WINNING combination!
Sara Wolf, CEO, HydroChic
We started working with Redstage because we were having difficulties getting our online catalog and shopping options working for the non-computer savvy customer. The crew at Redstage started making improvements from the start. The shopping experience for the customer and the shipping experience for us was much easier.
Our shipping needs were very complicated and consisted of future shipment dates and one package/shipping label per item and they were able to make it work seamlessly.
Stacey Johnston, Owner, Johnston Farms
As a small business we depend on quality partners to compete successfully in a global marketplace. We have used Redstage for the past three years through two Magento website revisions and numerous minor updates. Redstage has been integral to our success and it is refreshing to have a vendor we can depend on so completely. Work is completed quickly and within our budget leaving us time to focus on our core business. When we had a server issue that took our site off-line, the Redstage team went above and beyond working into the late night to get us back on-line with minimal downtime. Our most recent updates have led to a significant positive growth through the suggestions and guidance of Redstage.
John VanRees Jr., Founder, ExquisiteCrystals.com
What can I say about Redstage? They took a poor-performing, slow moving e-commerce site to the next level. I wasn’t even aware that our e-commerce wasn’t working properly. We had a 78% bounce rate that they reduced to 4% in no time. Before Redstage, I relied entirely on our previous developers that took forever to handle tasks. After partnering with Redstage, most of the tasks I waited forever to be handled have been taught to me and I now take care of them myself. They have been helpful, insightful and there when I need them. Agbi, Corey and Dave are great to work with and understand your needs. If you have been looking for a new developer and are considering partnering with Redstage…..well stop looking, you found them!
Stephen McGhee, Creative Director, Hamra Jewelers
When you’re working with a partner, you want a partner, you want someone coming to you with creative solutions to the problem, which is what Redstage offers.
Felix Strand, E-commerce Manager, Pixi
Our website was outdated, underachieving and needed a considerable overhaul. Redstage was the perfect partner to help us build our brand and drive home our corporate vision. It’s been a pleasure working with the Redstage team now and in the future.
Josh Harbour, Red Dress Boutique
As if rescuing our old website wasn’t enough, Redstage developed our new site with all of the flare a world class website should have.
Paul Martin, Chief Operating Officer, GTR Store
Working with Redstage to redesign and build my new website was a pleasure – not only did they hit all my deadlines and create a great working relationship, but the end result was fantastic. I have increased orders and conversion rates, and the improved backend process has cut the administration time of running my business in half.
James, Founder, 1st In Coffee
We’ve done a number of integrations with your company and I have to say, working with your team is one of the best partnership experiences I’ve had!
Peter Webster, Partner Sales Manager, Smart Focus
MAGENTO is the best program of its kind, but far from user-friendly. We had been through a number of developers for our Eurostyle sticker e-commerce website with less than satisfying results. Redstage has helped us to use its potential fully.

The staff, especially Dave Gardner, Gerard Garcia, and Agbi Bajrushi have responded to our needs and questions in a thoroughly professional manner. I can recommend them without hesitation.

James Cullen, Managing Director, Universal Export Ltd d/b/a Ovalenvy.com
Redstage has been a pleasure to work with! We have done a couple of development projects with them over the past year, and they have knocked it out of the park every single time! Anthony Latona has been an invaluable resource to us, and is always ready to provide useful feedback and technical insight. Looking forward to more successful projects with Redstage!
Jim Cimino, VP, Technology, The Access Group
Redstage is one of my favorite Magento Solution Partners to work with. Their experience with Magento coupled with their knowledge of coding and how to maximize conversion makes them a great choice for any ecommerce company.
Doug Goldberg, Vice President of Magento Solutions, Zerolag
We have been very pleased with the creativity and design work of Redstage. They worked with us closely to ensure we got a design that fit what we desired.
Matt Scriff, CEO, 3Gorillas.com / Smart Surplus
We’ve done a number of integrations with your company and I have to say, working with your team is one of the best partnership experiences I’ve had!
Scott Delea, Managing Partner, Inflexion Interactive
Redstage was the complete package. All of the work was done in house and ahead of schedule. Their understanding of ecommerce and usability was a huge factor in the success of this project.
Michael Lewis, Product Manager, Citrix Online
As an ecommerce manager & consultant for multiple companies, the one common issue many companies struggle with is finding a reliable dev company. I’ve worked with numerous dev companies that were unable to meet expectations or complete tasks in a timely manner. The constant misunderstandings also add to the many obstacles I’ve faced for years.

Redstage is the ONLY company I’ve ever worked with that were not only able to meet my expectations but exceed them as well. They were able to hit all of our tight deadlines and completed all of the tasks as desired. Within weeks we were able to build a very powerful website! The team of Redstage, especially Dave & Gerard, offer great knowledge and professionalism. I truly am looking forward to working with them in the years to come and recommend them without hesitation.

Rui Kojima, D2C Ecommerce & Call Center Manager, Eleni’s New York
Redstage helped take our 3 brand women’s footwear eCommerce site to the next level, in additional to managing the design and launch of websites for an additional 2 brands.

Anyone who has ever created and managed a website knows that it involves making continuous tweaks and changes. Having a developer who is not only highly knowledgeable but also able to build a professional, efficient and fun working partnership, is invaluable. It’s that kind of relationship that leads to success.

Their knowledge of the Magento platform and the industry as a whole is top notch. Our PM Corey Gelato and Account Manager Dave Gardner are pleasures to work with; bridging the gap between technical and creative minds with ease, and all the while pushing us to be the best we can be. We look forward to many more years of growing together.

Amy Barnes, The White Mountain Footwear Group

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