Redstage's Resume Brief

Founded in 2008 by eCommerce veterans
Created and/or supported over 700 ecommerce sites
Offices on 5 continents
700+ Employees as a Fulcrum family of companies
Official enterprise partners of Magento, Shopify Plus, Bigcommerce Enterprise
How does our love for ecommerce drive results?

We unite experts in strategy, design, experience, and technology, who collaborate across 4 continents to build businesses

This question frames our purpose. We wake up in the morning to solve ecommerce challenges and stay ahead of trends. We are fixers and growth hackers, and we love to share our experience, knowledge, and technical prowess.

Redstage, an allegory for finding your spark

The red stage is the moment your business has everything in place to hit the ignition button. All engines are fired, burning bright, and targeted squarely toward your mission.

Your business has the potential to blast off, and we're your guides from liftoff to light speed.

Brief History of the Company

Ecommerce Entrepreneurs found Redstage to Attract Masters of Ecommerce to Share Industry Leading Knowledge, Process, and Solutions

Redstage began as founders Adam Morris and Anthony Latona, ecommerce entrepreneurs of multiple ventures, decided to use their backgrounds to create a world class ecommerce Agency. The pair created a digital consulting agency and quickly acquired web agency AE3 Interactive to form Redstage. Now Redstage has a vast ecommerce experience, having worked on over 600 ecommerce sites, and a global reach.

After working on multiple ecommerce platforms, Redstage builds an industry leading competency with Magento. Redstage quickly becomes a top Magento partner, being granted the Gold level partnership (now “Enterprise” partner) as recognition for achievements in the ecosystem. As the highest level of Magento partnership, Magento selects Gold/Enterprise partners, like Redstage, to represent their brand. High levels of competence across all teams and high levels of customer satisfaction are required to maintain this standing with Magento.

Redstage has continued to be a thought leader in the industry, pioneering ecommerce platform app development, early responsive designs for ecommerce, and building a strategy team that is cited for digital consulting prowess, including hosting ecommerce events focused on increasing conversion rate and ecommerce success. In early 2016, Redstage announces it has been acquired by Fulcrum Worldwide. The acquisition allows Redstage to take its successful formula and add world class capabilities, experience, infrastructure, and international reach.

Redstage is then invited to join a select few top ecommerce agencies to become a global Shopify Plus Partner. Shopify reached out to Redstage, selecting Redstage as one of only 20 partners globally to launch their new enterprise partner program. Shopify launches the new enterprise partner program in June 2016 featuring Redstage.

Company Organization

Redstage is majority owned by Fulcrum Worldwide. The board of Fulcrum is joined by founders Adam Morris, CEO, and Anthony Latona, CMO, who maintain equity and executive positions at the company.