Redstage Welcomes New Head of Digital Transformation Solutions

Redstage Welcomes New Head of Digital Transformation Solutions

Jersey City, NJ – 2/21/21 – Redstage welcomes Matthew Jasper as its new Head of Digital Transformation Solutions, appointed to lead the agency’s full-time enterprise strategy and consulting practice. Jasper will oversee client consulting and work directly with Redstage’s portfolio of tier-1 brands, such as Zwilling Beauty, Church & Dwight, Olam International, and more. His credentials and accomplishments complement Redstage’s existing team of enterprise strategy advisors.



Matthew Jasper

Head of Digital Transformation Solutions


Jasper has over 15 years of experience in product management, eCommerce, and team leadership. He’s guided major brands like Best Buy and Microsoft through complex front-end and back-end digital transformations, 3PL planning, DTC strategy, and more. Jasper specializes in scaling businesses, growing revenue, and leading digital transformation projects across executive teams.



“With digital transformation taking an increasingly important role in every business’ needs to help solve the challenges facing companies in a post-COVID world, I’m excited about the team and technical know-how that Redstage has put together, in order to best solve these business challenges. I’m looking forward to working with Redstage’s clients on how we can build a better business together.” – Matthew Jasper, Head of Digital Transformation Solutions, Redstage


In addition to consulting Fortune 500 companies, Jasper has served as a VP and Director of eCommerce for a wide array of brands. These experiences empower him to provide strategic product and industry-specific insight to Redstage clients. As a former Senior Strategic Marketing Manager of CommerceHub, Jasper understands the omnichannel challenges modern digital leaders face in online marketplaces for both B2B and B2C brands.


Redstage CEO Adam Morris welcomes Jasper, saying: “As the pandemic forces companies to catch up for years of digital transformation neglect, Redstage has played a crucial role to help our clients build their transformation strategy and roadmap. We are happy to add Matthew’s exemplary background in digital transformation consulting to our current capabilities, and we look forward to partnering on the urgent needs of our customers today.”


Jasper is also a startup business advisor and non-profit volunteer, as well as a Board Member and Marketing Tech Chair for Limmund NA, a TED-Talks-style learning event.