Recently, Magento released a new version of their powerful e-commerce system called Magento Professional. This version has few extra features including, Gift Certificates/Cards (Physical and Virtual), Customer Store Credits, Strong Data Encryption (including PA-DSS compliance), and A Reward Points System. They basically added a ton of marketing muscle to the already-powerful system along with PCI compliance.

Their description of the new offering is:

“Magento Professional is an eCommerce platform for businesses who want to enter the world of eCommerce without the complications and long implementation cycle associated with developing a solution with Magento Community open source code. Designed for businesses who are working with a qualified Magento Solution Partner, Magento Professional has been thoroughly tested and warranted, and includes revenue-generating features not found in Magento Community.

Magento Solution Partners are able to produce Web stores that meet their clients’ unique business needs, with a clear and easy upgrade path to Magento Enterprise.”

And the cost for these features: $2,995.

Gift Certificates/Cards (Physical and Virtual)

Customers can buy physical or virtual gift certificates to your website. This is a huge feature for the holiday season, as gift cards have become very popular in the past. I know from experience! In the past 3 years I’ve gotten 3 Virtual Amazon Gift Certificates. It’s easy for a customer to use your website to buy a gift certificate and give it to a family member or friend for their Birthday or other Holiday.

Customer Store Credits

Store credit is great to manage product returns without actually having to process the monetary refund. It saves time during your back office processes as well as keeps your customer’s money in your account. The customer can use that credit at any time to buy something else on your site.

Here’s a video showing the Gift Cards and Store Credits Feature:

Reward Points System

A rewards system is a great way to entice repeat customers. It’s a known fact in marketing that it’s up to 10x easier (and less expensive) to get a customer to buy a 2nd time than it is to get them to buy the first time. A direct rewards system can make repeat customers even more likely to come back.

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Strong Data Encryption

The PA-DSS requirement is coming up on July 1!

Read more about the Magento Professional Edition here.

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